• Quran disproves Quran.

    Quran says earth is flat, earth is not flat. Quran says if you can disprove any statement considered true by Mohammad then all Islam is false. Islam is now false.

    Quran even knows that it contradicts itself multiple times. It even gives a command for those contradictions: if you find a contradiction regarding an earlier teaching by a later teaching, then ignore the earlier teaching and follow the later. You can't have it both ways. Islam is the most ignorant and self-dosproving religion ever. Every Muslim convert agrees.

  • Yes it has.

    Classic Arabic or not, we know the flood story is false.
    Humans evolved and were not created in current form.
    It refers the moon as a source of light (which it looks like if you are ignorant of how it reflects the light of the Sun)
    it does not explain anything properly. It just reflects the ignorance that people of that age. Since obviously humans wrote.

  • Yes, science does disprove Islam

    Science does disprove Islam. Although I may not be familiar with the Islam text, but I think there are several places where the Islam text directly talks about anatomy and they are accurate. There is a place where it talks about semen comes from the kidneys and it is just wrong.

  • Yes

    Yes I do think that science disproves Islam, just like it disproves all religions. Every thing that people believe that their "God" created can be shown in a scientific way how it was created.Science can always disprove any faith or religion, and I think it always will disprove them, whether people like it or not.

  • Though Perhaps Saying 'Disprove' Is Misleading

    Let me first be clear: I do not claim full certainty that Islam false, and I don't think most scientists would either. After all, even gravity is still called a 'theory,' despite the fact that it has withstood the test of time for ages. Science, however, is in the business of trying and testing theories in the most brutal way possible until they find the most likely answer. Islam and similar religions started failing scientific tests a long time ago, and their claims are now so unlikely that they can be dismissed with the same ease as fairies and dragons. There is still a possibility, of course, but I'd rather buy a lottery ticket than take those odds.

  • YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! It has!!!!

    Science has already disproved the Koran. Especially with the fact that allah thinks that he placed the mountains on the earth to prevent earthquakes while Science has found out that mountains cause earthquakes. Just one little false statement in the Koran disproves everything and therefore Science has disproved Islam/Koran and the Koran is/was no where near to being the world of god.

  • Science of Qoran

    I think one should be smart enough, acquire knowledge and has an open mind to see Qoran is not from God. As a PhD researcher and Ex-Muslim I searched through Qoran a lot and I couldn't find a single scientific fact that has been unknown to people at that time. Please remember that one of the closest companions of Mohammad was an Old Persian named Salman. He had good knowledge in different fields and he lived 140 years.
    The problem is that many people think low of available knowledge n 1400 years ago, while countries like Iran had big libraries and many scientists. When Arabs conquered Iran, one of their first actions were setting fire on all the libraries and books.

  • Islam is false

    It says in the Quran that there are seven planets today we know there are eight and possibly a ninth. It says that the earth is flat (every word used in the Arabic language to describe the Earth translates to flat) and today we know that is false.

    Muslims’ golden rule is that Allah is always right while everything else can be wrong. If a scientific fact is not in line with Quranic teachings, it simply doesn’t become a fact at all.
    Moreover, if it is the truth why is there any need to slaughter the nonbelievers, if they will burn in Allahs eternal flames? Plus there is so much hate mongering in the Quran. Maybe a majority of muslims are peaceful but islam is violent. The Quran even hints that rape is acceptable and your prophet committed several rapes if he tried to pull this stunt today he would be put in prison.

  • Qur'an found predating life of Mohammad

    Aside from all the obvious fallacies (many quite laughable as others have stated) and slightly misquoted plagiarism from the preceding religions, ancient scripture containing the words of the qu'ran which Muslims believe unequivocally was dictated to Mohammad and Mohammad alone, have been found and carbon dated to precede the life of the so called prophet (dates agreed by Muslim and non Muslim scholars) and since the core of religion IS that mohammad is the messanger, the fact someone got their hands on a Qur'an many years before his birth is about as conclusive as proof of falacy can be!!

  • Yes it does

    Quran 39:5 says: "He created the heavens and earth in truth. He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and has subjected the sun and the moon, each running [its course] for a specified term. Unquestionably, He is the Exalted in Might, the Perpetual Forgiver." It is saying that the Sun orbits the earth, mostly for this argument. Muslims say that Its talking about the sun orbiting the milky way, then why would Allah include it with the moon? Also in quran 86:7, it says: "Emerging from between the backbone and the ribs." This verse is saying that semen comes from the kidneys,a common muslim argument for this is that the arabic word for ribcage is feminine, this is easy to disprove, women don't have semen and even if they did, it would not have come from the kidneys

  • Islam is true SCIENCE IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

    For example:
    Scientists say that it will be a stormy day tomorrow for the whole day, but no next morning it's a beautiful sunny day. That is because only god/Allah knows what it going to happen in the future or the present SCIENTISTS cannot perdidict what will happen in the future no matter what machine they use or no matter how much power they have to predict

  • No it does not

    Science has not disproved Islam. Science has actually proved it right. 80% of the Koran is 100% proven correct. The other 20% is ambiguous or can't be proven right or wrong. In my eyes if the 80% was 100% correct the other 20% is correct also. And just think that 1400 years ago this was made and the scientific achievements are being proved.

  • Definitely not!!!!! !!!!!!

    Okay so every athiest believes the big bang happened okay then what was before that well people say there was a dense energy which clashed together to create the planets but that didn't just come out of nowhere what was before that? I don't believe there was nothingness. And if you have an explanation as to what the first thing happened and how it happened and how the whole galaxy came to be without a higher power I'd love to hear it!

  • The modern science is blind and lame without Islam

    If u look and search with neutral so you will find a lot of evidence that it can prove Islam.And i think every one know that the islam is the only religion which is perfect for all mankind.Islam is the only religion which is tells you about your future.Islam can guide you.

  • No it doesn't. The 'points' made here are total rubbish and I can prove this.

    1) Someone said that Islam teaches for the moon to have its own light. That is wrong because in Islam we believe the moon to be a reflect any light of the sun.
    '' Blessed is He who has placed in the sky great stars and placed therein a [burning] lamp and luminous moon.'' (25:61)

    2)Someone claimed that Islam believes Semen to be produced in the kidneys. Nope, that's a rubbish claim made from Answering-Islam.Com (a propagandised islamophobic website) which is not true at all.

    3)Someone said that Islam teaches the world to be flat. Wrong. Again it's a propagandised belief. In no parts of the Qur'an or any Hadith does it say the world is flat. It does at one point say it is spread out like a "carpet", which when taken out of context could be viewed as flat, BUT look at it in context and you'll see it's referring to ROADS.

  • Islam is full of proven scientific theories

    Everybody who study the Koran, will face to variety of striking points which some of them have proven at the recent century. For example:
    1.Koran certifies the big bang, where says: .... "the heavens and the earth were some dense object and We (e.G. God) exploded and extended it". (chapter 21/verse 30).
    2. Koran certifies the revolving the earth around the sun with a movement like cradle , where says: ...." He is who that makes the earth cradle for you". According to Johannes Kepler's theory, the earth rotates around the sun with variable velocity which increases when the earth is nearing the sun and decreases when the earth is receding from it.
    And many more and more....

    Posted by: MHM
  • Ilam stands with science

    I believe many Christians became agnostics because of the scientific advances in the past three centuries as science disproved Christianity and a lot of info in the bible, but on the contrary as time passes it proves Islam was right, an example is that there is a verse in the quran saying that:
    "And whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He opens his breast to Islam, and whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and constricted, (as if he is climbing up to the sky). Thus Allah puts the wrath on those who believe not."
    So how did prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago know about the sky layers and lack of oxygen in higher layers? That's just an example.
    Also prophet Muhammad encouraged Muslims to learn and know science. Prophet Muhammad once said: learning a chapter of a beneficial knowledge is better than praying one thousand prayers!
    Islam embraces science, the church in the past behaved oppositely off course.

  • No Science did not disprove Islam instead it proved it was right

    You should search in google and you'll find that scientists proved Islam is true. I so sick of all these yes on the other side that said they haven't even studied Islam and still say science disproved it. This shows a lack of credibility for the other side. I have searched it myself and they did indeed prove Islam is true.

  • No It Doesn't.

    Every verse within the Qur'an, and every hadeeth within the Sunnah, can all be interpreted within the scope of science. One major key thing here that you have to understand is Classical Arabic.

    Though there are things you have to take on faith, there is even science behind that as well. Such as Adam being ninety feet tall. There is actually a scientific theory that proves we would be the height we are now due to the size of the planet. Remember how big the dinosaurs were? Yeah, it's kind of like that. That's pretty amazing when you think of it.

    Lets also not forget that the halocline is in the Qur'an, the big bang, life from water, and much more.

    However some verses are clearly allegorical, such as a talking village? You would have to be an utter idiot to take that literally.

  • No it does not

    Science cannot and will not disprove Islam. Science is the physical laws of everything within it's realm. Just like Islam has it's own realm of those who feel it. Science cannot prove against any religion or feeling. Because it's transparent. If they cannot find evidence that it does not exist then why shoot down that it is a living breathing thing?

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