• In A Few Aspects

    I believe science does have an adverse on life, in some regards. We general use animals for testing and sometimes tests don't go as planned, so there is some unnatural death associate directly with science. Secondly, as we come closer to cloning and stem cell research humans will have to answer moral and ethical questions that were never a problem before and this could easily have an adverse effect on some life. I don't believe the adverse effects are reason enough to stop advancing in science however.

  • Yes, science can sometimes be negative.

    While science can add wonder to the world and knowing about the world can be a delightful experience, there are also ways in which scientific knowledge can be negative. As an example, people used to be taught that animals acted merely on impulse, as if they were programmed robots. That takes some of the wonder out of how amazing animals are (and is also wrong). So when science gets it wrong or takes a negative view of the world around us, it can make us skeptical of things. It's a double edged sword, since it can increase our wonder of the world around us, or squash it.

  • Science does not have an adverse effect on life.

    Science has a positive effect on life. Technology has allowed us to have a much higher quality of life than we would have had otherwise. Scientific discoveries have also unlocked many of the mysteries of the universe and provide us with a greater sense of wisdom and knowledge. Science is good for humanity.

  • Science Good for Life

    Science doesn't have an adverse effect on life, and that has been the case throughout history. Without science, we'd still be lighting fires with sticks and rocks. There's no reason that anyone should suggest that science is adverse to life since it helps prolong life and make life easier. Therefore, science is mostly beneficial.

  • No it does not.

    Science does not have an adverse effect on life, it is used mainly to help people and to improve our standard of living not make it worse. There may be some scientific inventions that are not great for the world or for people but in general it is a good thing.

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