• Scientism supports facts

    While scientism may be seen as the extreme other end of the spectrum from religion, in my view scientism does not effect science as a source of knowledge. Quite the opposite actually. Scientism supports science as the only source of true knowledge. I would agree with this perspective. The scientific method is the correct way to discover information and confirm its accuracy.

  • No, scientism as a worldview doesn't affect science.

    I do not believe that scientism as a worldview affects science as a source of knowledge. I think that such a view and principle can work along science to benefit it and support its ideals. I do not see why scientism is something that should negatively affect science a source of knowledge.

  • That's what it is.

    Yes, scientism as a world view effects science as a source of knowledge, and not just that, it espouses science as the only source of knowledge. Scientism is the definition of the study and acceptance of science as the basic of knowledge. It puts the scientific method above all else.

  • No It Doesn't

    Scientism is basically the upholding of the scientific method as the only true way to obtain factual knowledge. It does seem this basis would affect other areas of knowledge, especially those that can not be check by fact. I do not believe scientism effects science as a source of knowledge.

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