Does Sean Hannity's religious beliefs influence his reporting?

  • It influences everybody.

    You are a fool if you think that Hannity is the only one whose religious beliefs influence his reporting. Everybody is biased, so don't pull the crap of saying how biased his news is. Look at everyone else, it's all biased. Everyone who listens to Bill Maher just wants to talk crap on Christians.

  • Yup, he's a bigot for Jesus.

    Of course Sean Hannity's religious beliefs influence his reporting. There isn't a single unbiased source of news or commentary to be found on Fox News, and that includes every single word that comes out of his mouth. Sean Hannity is one of the network's top go-to guys when you want someone to validate your hate, and nothing more.

  • Yes, it is evident.

    Yes, Sean Hannity's religious beliefs influence his reporting, because he often talks about his religious beliefs. With Sean, his religious beliefs are blatant. He does not even try to hide them. This is acceptable though, because he does not claim otherwise. He is not hypocritical about being openly Christian, and there is nothing wrong with reporting from a niche world view.

  • Yes they do

    Viewers of Hannity and his ilk don't understand they're watching a performance piece not meant to be taken at face value. He is a loon from top to bottom that is not intended to be looked upon as a credible or unbiased person. Those who view him as one are too far gone to bother trying to explain it to them, but yes, politics and religion skew his "reporting" well past anything worth listening to.

  • Sean Hannity's Not a Reporter

    Sean Hannity is not a reporter, he's an entertainer. Similarly, Fox News is not a news network, it is there simply to entertain its viewers in a news-like format. There is no impartiality in cable news reporting. For all we know, Hannity's religious beliefs are just thrown in there for good measure so Fox News can get religious conservatives on board for his show.

  • Sean Hannity's religious beliefs do not influence his reporting.

    Sean Hannity's reporting is a form of performance art. He is not an objective reporter but a partisan commentator. To that extent, it is difficult to determine what his real beliefs are. His reporting is an amalgam of right wing ideals and strongly worded invective. His actual beliefs might be very different from what he reports.

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