Does seeing Earth as a speck from Mars change the human perspective?

  • It's the greatest spectacle

    Seeing the planet as just a speck is amazing and mind boggling. The life and everything on this beautiful planet is just a dot in the universe. Looking at the great mountain and the sea, It's just great to see and gets you thinking about how just small we are in the universe.

  • Yes, it makes one see things clearly.

    Whether gazing up at the night sky or imagining oneself on Mars looking down at the earth, one gets a sense of how immense the universe is and how small our planet is. We know that there are many galaxies besides our own and this is mind boggling in a good way.

  • It would have a profound effect.

    Ultimately, it's impossible for anyone to say what seeing the Earth from Mars will do until the first settlers land there and colonize the planet. But I would imagine seeing our blue dot off in the distance, being cut off from the rest of mankind, might have a sobering effect upon those who experiencing it.

  • I think it can.

    I think if you are a person who is capable and willing to think of things outside of themselves then it can change the way that you view the world and the universe. It would surely mess with the perspective of someone if they allowed themselves to think about it differently. The fact that everyone we know about in existence is on that tiny speck would be a crazy thought, indeed.

  • Seeing Earth as a speck from Mars changes the human perspective.

    The new photos of the Earth from Mars put our existence into perspective. The Earth is only a speck in the grand scheme of things. Humans should rethink out role in the universe and we should start to treat our planet better, since there is no other places like it in the universe.

  • Human Perspective Unchanged by View of Earth on Mars

    In reality, human beings that see a picture of Earth from Mars doesn't change their perspectives. The fact of the matter is that we all know Earth is a small place compared to the rest of the universe. Most people aren't shocked by the view because it is to be expected.

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