• Yes it has meaning

    If a girl wants a guy to have sex with her, then it means that the girl trusts him with her life and her health and wants him to give her the greatest satisfaction one can hope to ever feel in their lives.....

    If a guy wants a girl to have sex with him, then it means hes horny.....

  • Just like Kissing, holding hands, etc...

    People say Kissing and holding hands has meaning... You don't just hold anyone's hand... But once the topic of the single most intimate action you can preform comes to the table, it's all sex and pleasure anyone can think of... Getting some of that hot stuff.. NO RESTRICTIONS!

    No, if Kissing, Hugging, Holding Hands and sitting on someone's lap has meaning, Sex has the biggest meaning of them all.

  • Sex has meaning.

    What that meaning is depends on the people. For some, having sex is a rite of passage. For others, it's a way to bond with their partner. Some just see it as a fun and pleasurable activity. No matter what their view on it, sex is tied to all other aspects of the human psyche.

  • If you want it to.

    Sex is many things. Some people see it as a wild adventure you have chosen to go on with another person (AKA hippies), some people see it as a connection to another human being, and some people see it as a physical activity. But it can have meaning. To have sex is to say "Hey... I wanna bone. And I wanna do it with you.". Whatever that means.

  • Humans are Pathetic

    The word art is such a strange topic because while something can be pleasing aesthetically, the visual aspect is merely covering the truth of it- the thing is a waste of resources. I love Van Gogh's Starry Night, but the fact remains that all the materials were reaped from the Earth unnaturally. I don't like it when my home is destroyed for the sake of humanity's pointless creations.

    Sex is one of these creations. Condoms, birth control, and all the resources a baby takes up outweigh any metaphorical meaning sexologists and philosophers have dreamt up for "sex".

    It doesn't have meaning. It's meant for procreation. Humans, in an attempt to advocate specieism through doublespeak, have created yet another avenue of doing so.

  • It's just the attribution of the animal.

    No one can benefit from this activity,and it's so dangerous. When I make love with others, I felt so dangerous and assuaged with this thing. So don't tell me that the sex is a great thing, I don't agree with it. If you want to sex, please think twist before.

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Because what is meaning?
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