• Well of course it does

    My husband loves working with children even more than I do. He gets called creepy. I have to admit that when kids are around and he starts talking to them I get a little embarrassed, and that is awful! If I where to talk to these kids no one would bat an eye, but because he is a guy people automatically assume he is a pedo or something (BTW He is not, he just enjoys the way kids are happy & funny). Men everywhere are discouraged form taking early childcare (a class my husband was the only man in during college) and elementary teachers. Dads are discouraged when they give their baby a kiss or a hug to their kid. This is Sexist. This is wrong!

  • It definitely does.

    Many feminists would argue that it doesn't exist because "men are the oppressors", but nowadays in the first world that's just not true anymore. In my experience, I've seen a great deal of people that have said girls are better than boys and were cheered on, but anybody who dares to say the reverse is automatically a "filthy misogynist pig".
    Many men who are victims of rape, sexual harassment, and abuse are MADE FUN OF just because they are men. How is this not an issue?
    Men apparently being "the oppressors" doesn't change the fact that this is a widespread problem that people don't seem to care about.

  • Yes it does

    Men can face sexism. Men are more likely to get harsher prison sentences than women even when they commit the same crime. They are less likely to win custody cases even when they are more responsible for the child. They are constantly accused of rape and the public believes the liar before all the info is our.

  • Of course it does

    Right now feminism is about man hating. Females had so many privileges over men but they didn't see that and now they are equal. Now they want their privileges back with extra privileges and hate rational men that say no. Feminism is about man hating and not about equality. A

  • Sexism Effects all Genders

    Sex= Either xy or xx chromosomes. Male or Female. There are only two, with the exception of intersexuals, but that is the results of genetic disorder.
    Gender= A construct made up by society that has usually involved a relationship with an individual's sex. Gender, therefore, can go be anything, and can totally disregard one's birth-given sex should the society hold it.

    So, sexism is discrimination based off of one's gender (stupid term, it should be "genderism), and divides all people into two groups (men and women) and forces them into the roles that society has encouraged them to fufill.

    Sexism in the United States affects ALL genders- men, women, and all other minority genders known collectively as "genderqueer". Paticuarly, sexism does tend to affect women the most, but men are also affected greatly, especially in the twenty-first century. Feminism in the United States should be mvoing towards "gender-equalism", a movement with more focus on keeping equality for all genders, including minority genders, and less on empowering women.
    Again, this is as long as we are talking about the United States.

  • Sexism against both genders exist.

    There are certain feminists, a very small group of them to be sure, that actually despise men and want to establish a matriarchy. There are of course also females (and males) who, for non-philosophical reasons, believe women to be superior to men. There's also 'subtle' sexism against men, like calling someone feminine for crying. I'm also aware that there are, for example, fathers who cannot gain custody of their child after divorce even though he is in a much better position to care for the child.

    Yet these are individual cases. They are really nothing compared to the huge amount of sexism that women still face in modern society. Women still get paid less, or are refused pay rises or promotions after returning from maternity leave. Many fields remain dominated by men, particularly technology. Now, I know there are biological reasons why girls would be more interested in fine arts than engineering, but I think conditioning by society also makes them reluctant to try these out in the first place. Thus I do believe that while sexism against men exists, sexism against woman also exists and on a much larger scale.

  • I know my sister is.

    She always says girls are better at stuff than boys.
    Then again, so do I, even though I am male. It's just a simple fact that in many, many areas, girls are better than boys. The most obvious example was at primary
    There was a publicly acknowledged top reading group. In that group there were 9 people. 1 was me. Every single other person was a girl.

  • Male sexism exists primarily because female sexism exists

    In our world today, people are so focused on providing women with equal rights and jobs that they often limit the opportunities of men as a result. Many companies go out of their way to hire women over men, even when the man is more competent at the job that the woman. This goes the same way for racism. Oftentimes white people get less job opportunities because the companies do not want to appear racist by not letting a black man the job.

  • Yes They Do

    Yes they do for example when a man hits a woman its a huge deal but when its the other way around many people seem to not care. Now I feel as if women are most affected but men are affected to. Also in some countries men get more education than women and or better.

  • It definitely does

    No one in their right mind can actually belive it doesn't exist. It's certainly not as bad as it is with women in my opinion, but I belive it's still an issue. The very fact that sexism against men isn't a pressing issue in our society, underlines the primary problem here.

    Men are always portrayed as the perpetrators and never the victims. Domestic violence against women is a terrible thing, but domestic violence against men is a joke. If a 30 year old male teacher as sex with his 15 year old student, the man is a creep and deserved to get locked up for abusing that poor young girl. If a 30 year old female teacher has sex with a 15 year old boy, it's the luckiest day of his life. How can anyone not see the problem with that mentality.

  • On a systematic level, no

    On a case by case basis, humans have a tendency to be cruel to each other on the basis of anything we can target. So yes, men do on case by case basis's become targets of sexism from individuals.

    But on a systematic level, men don't face sexism that isn't a result of misogyny first. Women get lighter sentences because they're still expected to be caretaker. Women get children in divorce cases, because again, women are expected to be the caretaker and the system is rigged so that they are the ones to stay home as the primary caretaker.

    A man on the receiving end of sexism goes home to gripe, a woman has her opportunities limited, and that is the key difference.

  • Hurt feelings do not amount to sexism

    While I recognize the argument that men receive harsher prison sentences than women, is that really sexism towards men, or is it still to women? Because while men want to see it as "they just hate us bros" it could also be explained by the fact that society views women as weak and not having the ability to withstand more time in prison. The inequality comes more from seeing women as weak rather than men being treated poorly. The majority of the other arguments are that men have had their feelings hurt as far as being called creepy. I'm sorry, that sucks, but that's life. People are mean. Finally, yes men get raped. But often times, those men are mocked by their peers and degraded. Just look at twitter whenever a male student is raped by a "hot" teacher. That CHILD is mocked because the teacher was hot and he shouldn't be complaining. So while I recognize your husband is being made fun of or some woman thinks you're creepy for just "being friendly," kindly work to make the genders equal, not by pushing women down, (they really aren't evil) but by doing all you can to ensure everyone has a fair chance and the respect they deserve in our putrid trash heap of a country.

  • Sexism is a state of mind

    People,for whatever reason do not get on.Prejudice exists in many ways and sexism is a term used to define a particular type of prejudice.So in a sense sexism is an invented term used to define a type of prejudice.We all know people are different but we cannot use sexism as an excuse for injustice.If people are overlooked it is because the person does not like the other person and uses sexism as an excuse to carry out the abuse.I am not excusing bad behaviour however.

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Sooner says2015-07-10T07:45:58.593
My father once told me the worst thing you can be today in America is a Christian, white male. Why? Because this means you are eligable for absolutely no financial assistance of any kind. Native Americans and African Americans have funds in place to help the future students of their race with financial assistance to pay for college. United Negro Fund? Have you ever heard of the United Anglo Saxon Fund?(NO)
African Americans and Latinos have a better chance of getting federal assistance than whites because they are considered a minority and federal mandates require assisting agencies to diversify when it comes to who recieves benefits.
Native American tribes provide free benefits to their tribal members. Some tribes go so far as to cut a monthly check to members of their tribe. Members of any federally recognized tribe are eligable for free housing, free commodities, free doctors visits, free dental care, and free medication. Whites have no such benefits.
And to bring the argument up a notch. In the past, I was let go from my job due to cutbacks within the company. I researched and applied for so many benefits and financial helps that my fingers hurt from typing. They would of course inquire on my demographics and information. If you are of a minority race, the benefits list is long comparably. If you are white, your race will not help you get benefits. If you have kids, the list of benefits is long, comparably. If you have no kids, the list gets short, but only if you are female. If you are male, the government doesn't even recognize that you exist. I angrily read through one benefit page that said help was available for parents of children, minority citizens, and single females. What that meant was that every single person in the United States was eligable for benefits except for single, white males. Pretty sobering and depressing if you are one. Are white males discriminated against in today's America? Sadly, yes. The tide has turned.The government pandored to minority America so much, that it has now isolated its majority. If you are white, childless and male in America, you might aswell face it. You're on your own buddy.