• Perhaps not intentionally, but YES.

    First off, I'm not sexist, I don't hate women. I think that women and men are different, and will never be the same, but neither is superior to the other. I don't think that is an outrageous opinion.

    Recently though I saw a video that made me very angry, the link is below. On a talk show called "The Talk", four women discuss a case in which a woman cut her husbands penis off and threw it in a garbage disposal. They were giggling about it, and one even said "I don't know the circumstances, But I do think It's quite fabulous". I found this repulsive. If Four men sat on a talk show and joked about a woman that had been a victim of something similar, they would have been crucified and branded misogynistic, sexist, etc.


    I see the merits of feminism, but I really see this double standard perpetuated constantly. Many(Not all) women request equal treatment, but seem to only want the benefits of equal treatment. If I don't open a door for a woman, I'm a jerk. Domestic violence perpetrated by women wouldn't be taken seriously. There's tons of examples.

  • Women Earn Less Cents to the Dollar Than Men

    Sexism is a double standard in itself. It stems from the belief that men are the primary providers and therefore, they should earn more as a result. Once upon a time, women were designated the home makers and child raising was their primary purpose. However, women now have rights just as men do, and sexism has no place in this modern world.

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