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Things are different but balanced

  Though men statistically make more money, according to 24/7, men are more likely to accept jobs that women wont. Also, men have become slaves in society to women. Who holds the door? Pays for dates? Gets certain things to impress the other sex? Both situations have perks and different down sides.
Skeptikitten says2013-07-24T16:56:58.533
Thanks for providing an EXAMPLE of sexism.

Sexism is still rampant in our society, as you have just proved with your sexist comment.
funnyguy says2013-07-24T20:34:31.453
And thank you by telling me how that was sexist, now I just pray you get the sarcasm in that sentence. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me sexist.
Skeptikitten says2013-07-25T02:54:40.073
No, characterizing women as turning men into slaves is sexist. Claiming the old fifties stereotypes of holding doors and paying for dates makes you sexist.
Naajpowell says2013-07-25T03:38:22.833
Things have changed a lot since 100 years ago it isn't as bad as it was so we have made a lot of progress and isn't accepted so there isn't really a argument?
funnyguy says2013-07-26T03:24:42.890
It's sexist to hold doors? Oh my god, that's hilarious. Am I getting trolled right now? I was saying that we're even but different. 100 years ago since the 50's? That's why you're not making money... You don't know math. Come back to me to debate.... Not to make me laugh.
Skeptikitten says2013-07-27T02:42:00.590
Naajpowell did not say the fifties were a hundred years ago. I was talking about the fifties. And what I said was that stereotyping men as holding doors for women and paying for dates is sexist, not the actions themselves. These stereotypes don't hold true in modern society.

That's why you're not making the money- you don't know reading comprehension. Come back when you have a basic grasp of the English language, not to make me laugh.
Jayne123 says2014-09-25T21:19:01.707
It is true 'funnyguy' that you've voted no, yet posted a really sexist explanation.

Just because you're saying we're even but we're different isn't an antedote to accusing women of enslaving men. The very fact that you're saying men and women are so different, is sexist in itself. Not to mention the ridiculous comments that followed on from this.

Just to clarify, It is not true to say that all men are expected to pay, it's not even true to say all women even go on dates with men, or dates at all.

It is definetely not true to say that women are enslaving men? That is crazy, can you explain why you would use such a strong word to describe opening doors? That, by the way, you are not expected to do.

It is fact, that a woman on average earns less for the same position as a man. It is also fact, that a man is oftem offered more money than a women for the same job.
melissaxnovak says2016-05-13T15:32:39.477
Dude it's because sexism that men are expected to do that kind of stuff.
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