• Yes sexism does exist.

    Although title 9 was passed, women have the right to vote and do most jobs that men do, sexism is still a problem. Women get lighter prison sentencing then men, are favored in custody cases, are more likely to be believed in domestic violence cases then men, and if men report domestic violence cases, people will call him "weak" and "feminine" and if a women touches a mans chest when the man says stop, the entire police station will laugh him out of the station for reporting it, but if a women reports a man touching her breasts when she says stop, that is taken more seriously. Many domestic violence advocates blame patriarchy for domestic violence, when patriarchy is not related to domestic violence, just like it's not related to any type of violence.

  • Yes, it does.

    You don't know how many times boys in my school are called a "girl" because they're seen as weak or not good in any kind of sports. How many times teachers would ask a boy to lead the class or to carry their books around because "girls are weaker than men". Those alone are sexism. The fact that women are seen weaker than men do is sexist. The fact that there are less female CEOs than there are men CEOs is sexist. The fact that women who sleep with a lot of different men are considered dirty, whilst men who sleep around are seen as this badass figure. So, yes sexism still exists.

  • Yes sexism exists but only because some women want it to.

    Not all women are intelligent, strong willed and independent, nor do they want to be. They are quite happy to let the man in their life make important decisions on their behalf and are perfectly content to stay at home doing housework rather than go out to work. So, when a man makes a salacious sexual remark to a young woman of this type she will giggle and flirt rather than take offence and rebuke the man as a feminist would.

  • Sexism is actually a problem

    Sexism doesn't just exist because us women wants it too. It exists because men and even other women cant keep their thoughts and comments to themselves about other women or even other men. Mainly with women, we are looked down upon and seen as less than a man but in reality women are 10 times stronger than men. Women can do anything men can do, matter a fact probably 10 times better than men can, women are people too and not objects and its not okay to look at a female and just judge her and tell her she pretty much isnt good enough

  • Sexism exists more now than ever.

    Sexism is growing around us more and more as people become feminists. The movement is an active movement to remove all men from power structures. They want to create a society where all women would be catered to because they have vaginas. The feminist movement is also misogynistic because they require all women to be emotionally feeble to support their narrative.

  • Duh of course it does

    Don't be stupid of course it does u have to blind if you can't see that sexism is very much alive. Men are still making so much more than women even when they have the same job, men are still getting away with rape because somehow the girl asked for it. Your full of shit if you disagree.

  • Because there is

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  • Girls getting too rough

    Girls can be rough with no consequenses, using the no hit/puch girl rule in sports, even on coed teams or boy vs girl matches. I saw examples of slashing in a hockey game done by a girl, no penalty. Next I see the ref call a guy out for doing NOTHING. Girls also seem to be more favored.

  • Sexism never stopped existing.

    Sexism is still around today, it is easily noticeable on social media sites and all over the world. In some countries, people may even get abortions because of the sex of their baby. It is still around and is not that hard to see. It needs to stop as soon as possible.

  • Sexism is Everywhere

    Sexism is definitely still an issue. I'm 14 and I deal with it all of the time, from PE teachers who think girls can't play sports to other boys in my school who think they are smarter and just plain better than girls. Also, I have seen girls dress-coded for a bra strap showing, while guys walk around with their pants nearly hanging at their knees. Also, I know that women get paid about 78 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same job. You can argue that there are laws against it, but it's still true, law or no.

  • In most cases strong sexism is only against women

    When a women doesn't get payed as much for a job as men, it's sexism. When men don't get payed as much as women for a job, "good kobe you are doing better than men". A great example is the recent womens World Cup. The USA womens national team who won the cup made 8 million. The Germany nation team who won in 2014 made upwards of 30 million. That is considered sexism because the pay is not equal. There is NO WAY the pay should be equal because the competition is way higher in the men's game. More people watch it. There is more advertising etc. but still, women don't make exactly the same thing as men even though they have no place to, it's sexism.

  • Kindergarteners are very sexist.

    The entire concept of "cooties" is extremely sexist. Kindergarteners are a clear and vocal proponent of sexism. The Southern Poverty Law Center should list all kindergarteners as sexist extremists. Shame on every kindergartener on Earth! This absolutely disgusting madness must end now! All kindergarteners should be held accountable for this! Are you wondering if this is satire? Here's a hint for the weak-minded feminists... YES!

  • What is "sexism" in the first place ?

    First, I'll only talk about developped countries for obvious reasons.
    The fact is, people argue that women are objectified as sexual toys, which is true. They just forget men can also be used this way by women. Why would a woman become a porn star ? They aren't only thinking about money, that is something I can tell.
    Is liking a beautiful girl instead of a ugly one sexism ? In lot of countries, men are expected to be rich in order to provide good studies to your children. Is it also sexism ? Or the way the world works ? Did you ever think about science ? It's this way for lots and lots of animals. The male or the female have to attract the opposite sex. With humans, female have to be beautiful and men... Must have money or be powerful in order to raise children and beautiful women makes use of their natural gift to attract them. Is the way nature works sexism ?
    Also, men can have stereotypes about women. What of it ? Are men the same as women ? Most little boys play between boys, and the same goes for little girls. Being separated like this make them ignorant of the other sex, thus stereotypes are unavoidable.
    Instead of looking for tiny details that most people don't even care about, we should look for serious facts based on strong evidence. I must admit I think the glass ceiling problem convincing. But it is not quite enough. As a researcher, as an engineer, as a doctor, what I mean is a job whose pay can be based on achievements, why would there be sexism ? And if statiscically they were less well paid women than men, how could you prove it is because of their sex instead of a lack of proficiency ? It could be a coincidence. With the very little data we use, we can't tell sexism is really an issue.

  • People are as sexist as you see them to be.

    Most people do not mean to be sexist, but other people point out that it is sexist. The reason men make more money than women is because they tend to have the higher paying jobs such as doctor or lawyer. Also, the amount of money you make depends on experience. Women complain that they make less money, but they also have less experience most of the time. Point is, sexism is not a huge issue anymore.

  • Of course sexism still exists in 1st world countries, but people make a bigger problem of it than it is.

    Yes, things go on such as women being paid less, but since it is illegal in most developed countries, it is mostly out of the authorities' hands. People say there are stereotypes for what a woman should be like, such as petite and soft-hearted, but the same goes for men. Men are expected to be big and masculine, and muscular. An example is the word 'gentleman'. It is expected of a man to be polite to a girl, and give her special kind treatment above other men. This is a good thing of course, however there is no such term for reverse roles, and in most cases, doesn't exist . The inequality goes both ways, but since women have had struggles in the past, they are pointed out for women more now.

  • Things are different but balanced

    Though men statistically make more money, according to 24/7, men are more likely to accept jobs that women wont. Also, men have become slaves in society to women. Who holds the door? Pays for dates? Gets certain things to impress the other sex? Both situations have perks and different down sides.

  • Its called intelligence, not sexism

    Look up the iq chart between the sexes, there are more intelligent men than women. Hence higher income at large firms and corporations. However, there are also more dumb men than women. Hence jobs with lesser pay or require less thought process hires more men eg drivers, construction workers.
    Equality of opportunity is achieved

  • No there is not

    If you go and do the honest research you can find that the only real sexist thing that subsides in america today is the pay difference, and this isn't based off men and women who have the same jobs. Men typically accept jobs that pay more statistically. Yes there are still sexist people in america and feminism should definitely be supported to an extent but honestly there really isn't still sexism in america

  • Wow, here is some education.

    The wage gap doesn't exist. This should be obvious because if companies could get away with paying women 77% or 72% or 74% of what men get paid, then men wouldn't be part of the work force; only women. Also, the theory of the wage gap is based on extremely misleading data which doesn't include crucial parts to the argument. Just wanted to clear that up. Also, try and think of one right that men have that women don't (in the US obviously). There's none. Women can have the same opportunities as men, but they are given the right to easily accuse men of rape, have shorter jail sentences, accuse men of abuse while police officers laugh when a man accuses a woman of punching him. Women demand special rights for themselves, and the world has become so blind that they have gotten them. Women fight their own delusion of sexism with a very real version of sexism. You think men are sexist? You think we claim women as trophies? Think again hypocrites (specifically referring to feminists).

  • People over react

    I have played many sports over my years as a kid. In track for instance, girls and boys are treated equal and can even be on the same relay teams. SExisim is old! People just want it to be around and have it so they can debate about it!! Col!

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