Does Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' promote knife/sword violence due the duels in the play?

  • Well of course it does.

    Because it contains duels using swords and knives, of course that means that it promotes it, in its entirety. Shakespeare was subtly promoting a rise of violence using now-primeval tactics, using the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as a mere veil for his true purpose, eager to warp the ages with bloodshed with his clairvoyance of the next millenia. How more people don't realize his ancient message is beyond me; though, it may be for the better. The ignorant are easier to shape into violent criminals using to a play about two lovestruck medieval teens that has fighting in it.

  • Yes i do

    In thew novel sword fighting is very active and this is not a act of kindness. It is teaching others to teach younger children to fight is the right thing to do. Fighting is not the right way to go just walk away is just OK so you think about it

  • 'Romeo and Juliet' does not promote knife violence.

    Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" does not promote knife violence because it shows the consequences of fighting. The play is a tragedy, and it teaches young people that they should not act on impulse, especially with weapons. The play shows you that if you start a fight with a deadly weapon, you'll probably die.

  • Obviously they don't

    This seems to be a classic question relating to violence in video games/on tv, and the answer to this, just as to other mediums, is no. Romeo and Juliet is obviously most certainly does not promote violence in the play in any way, the violent tendeancies are within people naturally.

  • It is just a play.

    No, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet does not promote knife/sword violence due to the duels in the play, because the play is a depiction of days of old. People do not fight today like they did in the days of Romeo and Juliet. People today are not likely to go out and start fighting like people did in Shakespeare's day. It is fiction and fantasy.

  • There's no violence being promoted there.

    There's nothing at all being promoted there except the usual things one finds in a Shakespearean play. Romeo and Juliet is about love, loss, and the fatal effects of holding a grudge. The knife and sword violence found in the duels there are merely a device for building the tension in the story.

  • It does not.

    Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet" does not promote knife and sword violence due to the duels in the play. This is like blaming TV for video games for violence in the world. This type of stuff has always existed, and these entertainment outlets are just drawing upon events that have happened.

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