Does showing disrespect for the American flag go against fundamental American values?

  • Showing disrespect for the American Flag does go against fundamental American Value.

    Disrespecting a flag that represents a country is wrong. The flag is an American fundamental value. Obviously disrespecting it would be a totally bizarre act. The flag is our representation. It is strong and, personally to me, is the price tag and name tag of the United States of America.

  • Yes, showing disrespect for the American flag goes against fundamental American values.

    Americans values are about pride and freedom. It's the pride in our community that brings everyone together, and the flag is a representation of our values as American citizens. Those who disrespect the flag often tout that they are expressing American values by being free to express their beliefs, but they're disgracing the image of what they are claiming to represent anyway.

  • The american flag is patriotic

    Having respect for the American flag is strong and very patriotic. Every American should have a profound amount of respect for the flag and what it stands for. That unwritten rule should go to any human being representing any country not just in America, but respect for any flag should be in all places.

  • The country allows freedom

    The United States allows for many freedoms. This lets people think and do things without repercussions it creates a environment to do as they wish. However when you condemn the institution that allows your to practice all your freedoms this seems counterproductive. You can't expect to have freedoms and disrespect the institution that gives them to you at the same time.

  • Yes, disrespect for the flag goes against American values.

    No one should disrespect the American flag. It stands for America. But it also stands for all of the young men and women who have believed in that flag enough to fight for it. That flag is a symbol of everything we are in this country, and as corny as it sounds, it stands for mom, home and apple pie - everything we value.

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