Does Sidney Crosby deserve to be the MVP for the 2012-13 NHL season?

  • Sid is a great player.

    Crosby has recovered from a terrible concussion last year and returned better than ever. Each game he works to the best of his ability and shines every game. Whether its scoring a goal, helping with an assist, or just supporting his team. Crosby is on fire this year! He will continue when he returns. He is an amazing hockey player.

  • He's the best.

    I have him on my NHL fantasy team and most of the time he scores higher than a goalie, which is actually unbelievable. Sidney deserves to have the MVP spot no doubt. I really do believe he is one of the best forwards the NHL has ever seen and they should recognize that.

  • Crosby is the MVP.

    The guy has a solid chance to win the Art Ross and not play another game this season. Still leads in points and +/- while his team struggles without him. Crosby for MVP and it's not even close. The only way he loses MVP is if Stamkos goes on an absolute tear and brings his team into the playoffs ad drastically improves his +/-. Last guy to win the MVP with a negative +/- was Stan Mikita in 1967.

  • Sidney Crosby Should Be the NHL Most Valuable Player

    It’s awfully hard to argue the stats first of all. He leads the NHL by 10 points over his closest competitor in points scored, and has a 5-assist advantage over the #2 player in the league in that category. Assists and points, notwithstanding that goals are important too, show as much a players asset to his team as any combination of stats in hockey. Now add to that the fact that the Penguins are in the middle of an historic winning streak, fueled in large part by the superb play of Crosby, it is hard to weigh in with anyone else when it comes to talk of the “Most Valuable Player” in the National Hockey League

  • Yes, he does deserve to be the MVP.

    I think that what Sidney Crosby does on the ice and in the NHL in general is nothing short of quite amazing. He is very deserving of the MVP award for the 2012 to 2013 season, and he has shown that he is one of the very best players in the NHL.

  • Yes Sidney Crosby should be MVP for 2012-13 NHL season.

    Sidney Crosby is nothing short of being one of the best players the National Hockey League has ever seen. He is far more deserving of the most valuable player award that anyone else who was playing hockey in the NHL this year. The season being shorter does not matter in this case.

  • It's too early to decide.

    I think that it really is too early to say whether or not Sidney Crosby deserved to be awarded the MVP award in the National Hockey League. I also think that the shortened season means that no one really should be given the award due to the decrease in games played.

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