• The control of the media is control of the state

    Berlusconi's iron grip over media in Italy is a nausea-inducing reminder of how well Italy helped created the definition of fascism, e.g. the marriage of corporate and political power. During his tenure he simultaneously led the state, and the only critique of his power was through democratic forces who's opinions were shaped by media sources Berlusconi controlled. If your ideas are being given to you by the government then how free are your ideas?

  • He is corrupt.

    Yes, Silvio Berlusconi poses a threat to democracy in Italy, because he believes that he is above the law. His corruption is so bad that the legislature had to ban him from public office for a number of years. If he does not respect laws and the will of the people, he is a threat to democracy.

  • Personal issues pose a threat.

    Silvio Berlusconi might pose a threat to democracy in Italy. He has had some personal issues that detract from the serious issues that to be focused on when a person has a high-ranking status. With so many people paying attention to his personal issues in the press, I think it leaves the government open to corruption.

  • Not at all

    No, he does not pose a threat to the democracy in Italy. I think that he is not trying to hurt the nation, and that he is doing the best job that he can to make sure that the country is ran the way that it should be, and he works hard.

  • No, Silvio Berlusconi does not pose a threat to democracy in Italy.

    I do not believe that Silvio Berlusconi poses a threat to democracy in Italy. I think he is a politician who has strong ideas and beliefs that, like any other politician, will always have detractors and opponents willing to try to discredit and defame him or her. I think that democracy in Italy will be okay.

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