Does single parenting damage a child's psyche and outlook beyond hope and reconstitution?

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  • No, I don't think single parenting damages a child's psyche and outlook beyond hope.

    I think that as long as the single parent gives the child sufficient attention and a quality standard of life then that child will grow up to be just as competent and intelligent as a child that grew up in a dual parent situation, I think single parents can be very effective.

  • No, it's not the government's concern if children are born in or out of wedlock.

    The government needs to get out of our bedrooms, and spend more time solving our actual problems. They need to address our failing economy, our sub standard schools, our rampant poverty, and homelessness, and the lack of healthcare many Americans still face. Babies being born in or out of wedlock is the least of our problems as a nation.

  • That's amusing, but incorrect.

    Well, it's not often I come across a question that's utter nonsense, but here we are. No, there's nothing of the sort going on when single parents are raising children. Many traditional values conservatives think so, but they also think that universal health care for Americans is a bad thing. Hardly a credible source, I'd say.

  • Single parenting doesn't damage children in itself.

    Single parenting in itself doesn't damage children. More damage comes from side effects of it such as lack of money and resources, and the parent not having a lot of time to spare. Children of single parents can still turn out great. It depends on the personality of the child and how the people around them behave.

  • Single parents can be successful in raising their children

    No, I do not believe that single parenting damages a child's psyche and outlook. In some cases there is no choice whether or not a parent becomes a single parent. There is always hope for a child whether they are raised in a single or traditional family. A single parent is very capable of rearing a perfectly normal and successful child.

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