• Of course size matters

    It can only be assumed that the density is exactly the same. So more volume with the same density means more mass. More mass means more matter. So, size definitely matters. And if we are talking about sausages, the larger one is obviously more filling and more energy (again it can only be assumed that density is shared).

  • It can be.

    Well, I'm not saying that size is the only factor that is important. A big c*ck can't make up for a bad personality or bad looks. However, it can be an added bonus in the relationship, a bragging right, and can make s*x more pleasurable. All in all, the perfect guy has a big d*ck, though personality and looks are more important.

  • Here you'll find the rules:

    Men should talk about women's sizes, while women should talk about men's sizes.
    My comment does not count as I'm hoping to get some interesting opinions here.
    And y'all know what kinda sizes I'm talking about, I hope?

    Feel free to post your own stories. No research please, only reasoning.

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