Does smartphones should not be allowed in school?

  • Should be prohibited

    To use smart phones to find information is just an excuse from the students. In reality, smart phones tend to distract the students in the class room through texting, games, and apps such as instagram or facebook. All of the information needed are already in front of their eyes, in form of a textbook or from their teachers. In case they really need information from the internet, they can utilise school's computers.

  • Shouldn't be allowed

    Schools provide educational sources to research their work, be it in form of an ipad or a book, so there would be no need for a smartphone. Also, a personal smartphone is likely to distract the user with an app or texting, which is the whole reason why smartphones are banned. Also, you shouldn't be communicating with people far from you in school in the first place

  • Should be allowed

    Personal devices are your property. Students should not have THEIR property taken away from them if they don't want to. We should be allowed to have them in school. If we use them in school we might not get a good grade but that's part of learning: To fix our mistakes and to learn how to handle everyday problems.

  • It should be allowed

    Smartphones helps to get us an easier access to the world.We can study a lot.But on other aspects it is very important as many children come from various regions where if their parents are late they atleat have their phone. Phones are also important to get doubts cleared moments before exam if teacher is unavailable.Yes it should be kept away while main studies and test by collecting away and keeping with school authority.

  • No, because most of students in the world used cellphones as a tool for educational purposes.

    It helps in all aspects in our daily life. Cellphones are everybody's best friend. It also help students to do their tasks in school quicker and easier. Cellphones are not distraction if we only know how to use it properly. With this, communication goes on especially to those people far from us.

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