• Makes me happy

    After I toke I feel better about a variety of things I normally wouldn't care for. I feel like I am more relaxed and makes me less rigid in my thinking therefore I feel like it can be more accepting. I feel like I can see both sides to a problem.

  • Heightened self awareness

    You call it paranoia, I call it a rush of self-awareness. Smoking weed OCCASIONALLY will make you a better person because it will force you to think about how your actions affect others in ways that you would be incapable of sober (or drunk). Whether or not it will make you happier is debatable, but the improved self-awareness will make you a better person.

  • Weed and Introspection

    Weed has a variety of effects, most of which are fun and positive. But every regular smoker knows that it can also provoke much soul-searching. Especially when smoking alone, one can become introspective and open up to thoughts and feelings that are normally suppressed. Weed often forces me to consider my current life situation and aspects that I need to change. I think that if you're a thoughtful person with your heart in the right place, it can help make you better. But I've also met many a**hole smokers. If you're selfish, inconsiderate or mean, weed isn't necessarily going to fix you. Weed is a tool, and like tools, it can be used to build or to destroy. I personally believe it takes years to learn how to use it in a balanced, positive way. I grew up with it, I've been smoking for 15 years and I'm 30 now. And for those skeptics who might assume I'm a scruffy hippie, let me clarify that I am educated at postgraduate level having attended reputable universities. I continue to take short evening courses in subjects that interest me because I believe in lifelong learning. I have a good job, and an above average salary and I am an overall happy person.

  • Teaches you a lot about yourself and the world

    Anyone who thinks otherwise obviously do not regularly smoke. Marijuana has definitely impacted my personality for the better... I am more open minded, accepting, loving, calm, peaceful, and spiritual. Oh and I have a 4.0 gpa at a state university. Arguments against marijuana usually come from ignorant brainwashed people that believe everything they hear in the media and what their government tells them.

  • Weed = happy

    After smoking weed for 2 years I see the world in a different & better way. Before I was so cynical and viewed much of what I saw negatively. Now I can smoke and try to understand the world and solve my problems. Try weed more than once and you will see what I mean.

    Posted by: jont
  • It does. No debate.

    Imagine a world where we all smoked pot. We all would be relaxed and the wonderful fumes would drift throughout villages and cities. Our economy would benefit greatly from the sale and purchase of pot. People would be inspired and become pot growers, creating thousands of jobs for all people in the world.

  • Of course it is!

    It has made me such a better person overall eg. The way i view everything people etc. helps depression, makes you more relaxed and cured my temper amazingly not 100% about 85% :D
    Weed is one of the best things ever seriously! More people need to understand this for its medical and recreational use!

  • Smoking pot makes you a happier person

    Body chemistry is subjective, so it's not fair to say that smoking pot makes all people better. Better is too relative of a term. In my experience however, I've found that people become happier and generally more social. It makes most people less angry. If these things fit the category of a better person, then I suppose it does make people "better."

  • It chill you down

    Weed was made for earth and it helps people who have black coma people say drugs are bas but is not it help you relax and drugs are cocain and stuuf like that it hase alot of types of chemical and weed does not. Weed is gust a herb not a drug.

  • A resounding YES

    Normally I am a very cynical and short tempered person. This cynicism and short temper have affected my relationships many times, including my relationship with my wife and children. I am not violent at all but I get very frustrated very easily and I will raise my voice. I also suffer from very bad social anxiety which adds to my frustration because I can, and often do, get very angry when at crowded events. I have tried a plethora of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and they all either don't work or create very unpleasant side effects. Just a few months ago I got my MMJ card for spinal issues I have and it helps tremendously for my back but to my surprise it has affected my mental behavior in an overwhelmingly positive way. I am 100x calmer, I do not get easily angered, I have even become much more socially open. I am nearly a whole new person. I am truly happy and it's because of my medical marijuana.

  • Video: Is marijuana harmless?

    Marijuana is a dangerous drug. Too many teenagers are ruining their lives, and even middle school and younger kids are getting stoned.

    All marijuana smokers need to watch the above video; it is funny, but points out all the lies about using marijuana that groups like NORML will not tell you.

    If you are currently smoking the weed, most likely you will not bother reading or watching anything that tells you it is a bad drug. You are being Intellectually Dishonest.

    The DEA has an article that have cites hundreds of studies proving how dangerous Marijuana

    I smoked the weed for about 10 years until I wised up. It is not like having a drink or two. You can't be partially stoned. But, you can have a few drinks to be sociable and not be drunk. Most people do not binge drink. So, you can't say Alcohol is just as bad, because most drinkers do not drink in excess and do not drink to get drunk. All pot smokers smoke the weed to get stoned. Not to mention the fact that most pot smokers have booze while they smoke the weed.

    Smoking pot is all about getting stoned. Why people need to have a distorted view of the world is beyond me.

    And, there is no medical evidence that smoking pot does anything good for anyone. Pot is a mind altering substance; Alcohol is not, and there is evidence that drinking in moderation, e.G., one glass of red wine can be good for some people.

  • Doesn't matter if you do or don't.

    Good and Bad people smoke pot. Just smoking pot does not make you a better or worse person. Smoking pot is a purely neutral thing to do, other then the fact that it is against the law in the U.S. But that is about it, and more and more states are making it legal. What decides whether you are a better person when you smoke pot, is how you act. Good people smoke pot, and good people don't smoke pot. Bad people do, and bad people don't. Pot is NOT the deciding factor.

  • This question is kind of like "Does playing video games make you a better person?"

    Pot is just pot. Maybe for some people who have serious issues with anxiety and stress it really does make them better people. But most people it will not make them better or worse. For most people this question is kind of like "Does playing video games make you a better person?" or "Does watching tv make you a better person?" It's just something people do for fun. In moderation and used responsibly then that is fine.

    For some people it may make them worse people. Some people become way too lazy. But generally it won't make you better or worse.

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  • Being dependent on a drug to make you a good person isn't right

    You may THINK that smoking pot makes you a better person, but how does needing it to be a good person make you better? Wouldn't it be more satisfying to be a better person without having to turn to drugs? I believe that I would be much happier knowing it was through my own efforts that I became a better person, but because of a drug. Being dependent on drugs to live a good life is never positive.

  • I think it's rude.

    Look at Mexico. Just so they can have a good time people buy tons of drugs and it is affecting Mexico. Sure they have other problems but so many people die from the drug gangs down there that it just seems selfish to me. Pot takes up your time, money, and people get addicted to it. It seems like the benefits are outweighed by the negatives.

  • Doesn't necessarily make you worse, but certainly doesn't make you better.

    Marijuana doesn't really change a person's personality. However, it can and will make people who are predisposed to being lazy become even lazier. It can ruin lives, and not always in overt ways such as health problems. It can cause you to stop caring about important things in your life, like education and work, and destroy your chances for a good future. People who say that pot *makes* you a better person are deluding themselves. It may not make you worse, but it does have the ability to do so. It certainly can't make you better.

    This is not even taking into account the adverse long-term health effects it can have. Coupled with the fact that there are people out there who think that it's completely fine to operate a vehicle while high, with the argument "No, man, I'm totally more careful when I'm high" (you're not, marijuana just causes you to think more slowly, drive more slowly, and have a slower reaction time, which is incredibly dangerous), I strongly believe that recreation marijuana should not be legalized anywhere. I'm 100% in favor of prescribed medical marijuana, but I truly believe that recreational marijuana promotes a culture of laziness and apathy. And I'm not pulling this out of nowhere, this is based on a) peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and b) personal experience with former friends whose lives have basically been destroyed by cannabis addiction.

  • Cannabis makes people very selfish....

    Smoking cannabis doesn't make you happy. It induces a temporary psychosis which helps you see differently or just helps you relax. If you use it now and again it isn't an issue. I don't think anybody under about 20 should use it, your CNS is still developing before you are about 21 and it's not a good idea to start smoking before it has completed development. I might smoke it myself about 2-3 times a year but feel no great need to. People who smoke it a lot or for over long periods of time become less interesting to be around. They are not usually unpleasant and are quite relaxed but they never really go out, can't really organise things and a little nagging voice starts to tell you that this isn't just whimsy on their part, it is actually selfish behaviour. I had a friend who I haven't seen for some years now who on the last occasion I saw them, my seeing them had to involve our mutual plans fitting in with what they were doing that day. In short they didn't have to make any effort or go anywhere and I had to make plans and be somewhere in order to see them. The relationship is hence a little one-sided. The other problem I have with people who smoke weed is that some of them will claim that we evolved to smoke it because there is a THC receptor in the brain and that it is a panacea for all sorts of illness. These people will NOT accept that inhaling a sticky oily vapour, even without burning tobacco is not what your lungs are good at dealing with and that there is a lot of very bad science behind the design of cannabis medical research. The anger and defensiveness with which these people react and when you might say that it is probably ok in moderation, tells me that cannabis is addictive and that these people are in deep denial. Why would you want to be controlled like this, it isn't freedom, it isn't seeing the world differently, it is drug addiction. Personally I think that that should legalise soft drugs, put the dealers out of business and observe that society didn't implode over night because some people in our society smoke some weed. Enough people smoke it anyway. I do disagree with financing crime which is why I have to come down in the NO camp.

  • No, it has no impact on who you are.

    Who a person is cannot be determined by whether or not they partake in any given substance. Most people get calm when smoking pot, some get manic and energetic. All in all, they are whoever they were before they lit it. While certain substances can relax the inhibitions in the brain, it does not fundamentally alter the person.

  • No, it has no impact on who you are.

    Who a person is cannot be determined by whether or not they partake in any given substance. Most people get calm when smoking pot, some get manic and energetic. All in all, they are whoever they were before they lit it. While certain substances can relax the inhibitions in the brain, it does not fundamentally alter the person.

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