• Of course social justice exists.

    All Justice is social justice; justice as a concept is inextricably bound to our sense, as a society, of our rights, duties and obligations to one another. When injustice is recognized, it arises from a perception that one person or group in society has failed on an obligation to another. Those obligations, rights and duties evolve over time in a society, but justice is always (and only) definable in the context of those shared social mores.

  • Social justice exists.

    Social justice exists. Most people have a code of ethics which they use to help them make decisions. Everyone needs a moral compass, or they wont know how to act when faced with ethical dilemmas. Everyone must obey the social contract. If someone breaks the contract, society will punish them.

  • Social Justice is nonexistent.

    What many see as social justice, or what's right, is a matter of perspective. Those who rant and rave about the injustices against homosexuals, women, and other groups (often) discriminated against seem to ignore the plight of the homeless, poor, drug addicted masses. Modern social justice is a machination of whiny white people who are upset that just because they don't personally adhere to "gender roles" and most of society does they are oppressed.

  • Social Justice is code for wealth redistribution

    In Cicero's De Re Publica, Philus presents the argument against natural justice. He claims that there can be no universal justice. Social Justice is in reality a term used to denote the policies and ideas the benefit A PARTICULAR GROUP OF PEOPLE. Anytime a modifier is added to "justice", it is code for wealth redistribution.

  • No, not in reality.

    In theory, it is a great thing to talk about social justice as if there was some imaginary balancing point at which such equality could be reached. However, in reality it is an ideal for which some of us strive and others of us strive to ignore because we only hope for our own power and success to continue.

  • It does not hold

    People advocate for social justice but don't really know what it means, and can be either a vague proclamation in favor of higher taxes to give to the poor or anti white/male polemic. True social justice can't exist because of the first rule of economics: scarcity. There is not enough to go around to give everyone everything they want.

  • Social Justice Doesn't Exist

    In reality, social justice doesn't exist because people suffer in this country every day. Much of this suffering is needless because we can absolutely improve the social environment of the United States. Since we refused to make the necessary changes, social justice never occurs for the people of this country.

  • Social justice can never truly exist.

    Because of how social justice is defined differently by different people it can never truly be realized.Another thing is justice is usually thought of as a legal element and what is in people's hearts can never be legislated so it is up to each individual person to decide what social justice is.

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