• Yes it does

    We need it just as much as we don't need it so the pros and cons, I think that we need it because we can communicate, advertise, help a friend, solve crime, announce that an accident has happened, but yeah it is close I think you can go either way.

  • Yes it does

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  • Yes it Does

    Social media benefits America. First of all, social media is area way for people to keep and maintain relationships they have made over time. Also, platforms like twitter help Americans share and have access to breaking news in real time, a very important feature. So despite some downside, social media overall is a positive.

  • Social media still does it's intended job of connecting people.

    Social media is not a negative part of our society; it can simply be used in negative ways. If you look at many of the major issues that social media presents they are issues that pre existed social media. The two issues I want to call to attention are cyberbullying and online predators. Cyberbullying is indeed a form of bullying; this problem has been present for a very long time. Even if social media was to be taken away, bully would still take place in schools every day. As for online predators, children have been taken and gone missing for decades. I will admit that social media does give predators easier access to their victims, it is still not were the problem began. Think of social media for its positive uses such as connecting people, rapid news updates, and even aiding the law enforcement. Social media is a positive part of society; it just simply can be used in negative ways.

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  • No, it doesn't

    Sitting on a phone, and leaving the socializing part out of socializing isn't a benefit in my opinion. Sure, it can be a good thing, but only in moderation. If you only stay on your phone ALL DAY and only put it down to go to the bathroom or make yourself food, then there is a problem

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