• Social media makes us more social!

    Social media lets you communicate and connect with family and friends! Many families are not all in the same state or country, they can't just fly across the country every time they want to speak! Social medias such as instagram and facebook help people see what's new in their friends and families lives. Like seeing your cousin got engaged after 19 years! Or seeing you have a new baby cousin. Or seeing your best friend is moving back to your hometown. These are literally just like 5 reasons out of A MILLION, ZILLIOOONNNN Reasons! Thank you!

  • Twitter, Instagram, Vine!

    Information is distributed quickly on social media. Social media is also an opportunity to make a lot of money. You can connect with family and friends that are far away and even make new friends or find love. It is a great way to express yourself/entertain yourself. You could also play games on social media.

  • Ruining people's lives, relationships, chances to get a job, and society as a whole.

    Every day, I'm subjected to hearing constant crap like, "DID YOU SEE THAT VINE?! I SAW YOUR POST ON INSTAGRAM! I SAW YOUR SNAPCHAT STORY!" Hear it once,"Ah, it's just one idiot." Hear everyone constantly talk about it every God damn day, you feel absolutely horrible.

    People say it's good for getting yourself out there, but all I see is attention whores. First there's Instagram, basically stupid pictures with random inspirational quotes added. You have idiots posting pictures of themselves without any clothes on, or in the bathroom, really any sexualised image. Then Vine adds a whole new dimension to the amount of idiocy. You get 6 seconds to be the world's biggest idiot. And then there's popular videos from Vine. Everywhere, you hear idiots shouting "21" or "Deez nuts." For the first time, it might on the off chance be funny, but then every starts saying it. It's only common sense that a joke will get old, and apparently no one gets that.

    To quote Filthy Frank,"Nowadays, ignorance is a choice. And they're still choosing ignorance!"

  • Social media is the worst ever

    Social media bring more disadvantage than advantage to society.1.)increase bullying,2.) increase divorce,3.)lower student grade.It has proven that social media users had an average GPA of 3.06.4.)make it easier for criminal to commit crime.....And many other disadvantage further from this example.Yes it bad for society.There are not so many advantage from social media.

  • Social Media Sucks

    Social media has taken control over our lives. If you want to talk to someone face to face, you Skype them, if you want to talk to someone in general, you text them. Why is there always an excuse to not live life? Some people need to get up and enjoy life!

  • What about living your life

    I have read numerous articles about how social media does not benefit I know every once in a while everyone needs a selfie or to see what a friends doing I mean it's starting to get out of hand whenever I'm with some of my friends they don't even talk anymore they just text or go on instagram do you know how awkward that can get I've also read articles about how social media causes violence and how gangs recruit people on social media websites read the article on this website and you'll get what I mean

  • Social Media takes All of our life away

    Social media should be called ANTI social media because it leads people to not interact with people. Everyone is like, " Did you see this picture on Instagram?" and I always say, "No, I want to have a real life, and real friends. Social media takes our lives away, and you only live ONCE!!

  • Taking over our lives

    I feel like everyone's daily life now revolves around social media, and it's starting to annoy me. I will say, I love to check what's happening in the world and to see what all of my friends are up to. But this obsession is affecting everyone and I'm fed up with it.

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