• It does, Yes

    Other countries have used it as a weapon against enemies to instigate fear and separation by posing as one of them.

    It's impossible to see who is behind a computer, And as such some idiots take other peoples words blindly as fact without doing research of their own.

    This kind of stuff is done all the time too.

    MeToo is proof of it too; sure it can be used as a tool for good, But anymore it's used to take down men for no reason at all without due process. As a direct result a growing number of accused men are sewing for defamation and winning.

    Normal men see this shit happen on the internet, It leaks to the news, The news is corrupt and immediately takes the side of the woman without following through with the full story of the bitch getting roasted in court.

    Because of the few actions of some people crying wolf a growing number of men don't wan't to date, Will never marry, And women will eat each-other alive trying to figure out what to do about it.

  • Social media does corrupt human interactions

    Social media does corrupt human interactions, Because by social media, We don't get to meet each other in real life a lot, And by comments and posts, We might hurt each other's feelings and this mainly corrupts human interactions.
    Also, You might think social media is good because we might get friends by chatting online, But most of them might be bad ones.

  • Everything in a way does.

    Talking online doesn't mean censorship unless like now, It's accepted. If people had freedom of speech everywhere, Nothing would change or differ from just talking physically. Every action has some element of coersion. Talking to your friends about going on a roller coaster has coersion because you risk them disagreeing with you, Which can lead to friendship problems. Talking with your parents about religion, And if you disagree, Could lead to discipline, Which is just abuse. Simply talking about pedosexuality could lead to you losing your job, Friends, And family simply because you disagree with the majority. Is this really the world you want to live in? A world where political beliefs dictate your future? Where race, Age, Sex, Dictates your freedom?

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