Does social media encourage violent teen behavior?

  • Teens love attention.

    There's one thing that teens love, need and crave more than anything else and that's positive affirmation and attention from their peers. Getting that positive feedback can be as powerful as a hit of meth for some. By acting out on social media or coordinating it there, they get that rush, that approval, that feedback. We should do something about stopping that.

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do

    It is a human being's instinct to copy someone they want to be or achieve their authority. If a movie star decides to smoke, a teen will then find smoking "cool". If teens see violence on the internet, they will want to achieve that status. Again, MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO.

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  • No Violent Behavior

    Teens react to their surrounds and environment. Most teens who have violet behavior have been exposed to it. Teens react to how they are raised. Social media is a good way to communicate and you have to let teens know whatever you post anyone can see it. Teens with violent behaviors need to get help on why do they have such behavior and anger.

  • It's all about what you do and where you grew up.

    Some teens just don't know who they are. However, if you grew up in a nice neighborhood, using the Internet or other forms of social media won't give you a bad temperament that you see in other homes. So, it all depends on whether you use social media correctly and positively.

  • No, I wouldn't say it does

    There is nothing about social media, in and of itself, that creates violent behavior. It is simply a method of communication. It may make it easier for certain people to anonymously act like jackasses, but it doesn't cause anyone to be violent. Violence is a personal action that occurs due to the nature of the individual.

  • No

    Social media does not encourage violence anymore than regular interaction. Teens being bullied or committing suicide have been a fact of life for many year, long before the days of social media. With social media, it is just glorified and easier to see. Bullying has been around and cyber bulling is just another type of bullying.

  • NO

    It doesn't encourage violent teen behavior any more than any other social interaction. Social media is really just a technological way for people to interact socially. The big difference between it and gathering down at the community center or the malt shop is that social media involves wires.

    Besides, it no more encourages violent teen behavior any more than violent video games, the constant violence on our televisions and in our books, or the way the military of various countries on this planet are constantly engaged in some kind of violence.

  • No, no more than any other social interaction

    There are some teens that will be violent no matter what. Social media does make it easier to socialize, and therefore may be more traumatic for those teens that are easily swayed. These same teens would easily be violent when confronted in any situation, even if social media wasn't a contributing factor.

  • It Doesn't Encourage Violence

    Social media does not encourage violence. Nothing about social media encourages conflict between individuals. It is a way for people to stay in touch with friend and family while gaining information. Anything that encourages violence is done by the users that are using the particular site. Many that own these social media outlets have spoken against violence and discrimination.

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