• As much as social media appears to be hazardous in its core its purpose is education stacked with entertainment.

    Social media has so far seen by the vast majority as only for entertainment and as a concerned parent a social corruption leading the youngsters towards an relenting corruption, but what we all fail to notice is that the social media is a vast ocean of knowledge and those who are already aware of that has already hit the gold mine with their hilt. As for knowledge it does not limit itself to a single kind as for the choices themselves create a vast set of oceans. All this is at our doorstep and we don't even need to ask but just provide sometime to observe. Of course knowledge does not choose sides but the one with it. The consequences of using such kind of information varies but these are entirely up to the choice of the holder.

  • Yes Social Media have educational values

    Every thing has a flip side so is Social Media, using social media for educational purpose will lead to new heights of knowledge sharing. It is already a medium for opinion sharing and is proved to be very effective so why not use for educational purposes and let the knowledge flow.

  • Social media is actually giving us the general information which we should know as an individual.

    Through social media, we can actually know about the current issues which are happening around us. This will eventually help us to have more general knowledge by being aware of what's happening around the world. So, it is not wrong for me to say that social media actually has its own educational value.

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