Does social media have too great an influence on life today?

  • Too dependent on social media.

    Unfortunately, due to social media being so widely used, many people do not actually go out and socialize with people anymore and just rely on social media to talk to people. No longer do people call people, instead they use twitter and facebook messaging to have a conversation with their friends. It has too great of a influence on life today.

  • Sure as hell does.

    For some rerason its used in background checks for some jobs its used as evidence in court.. In an online forum I can easily make a page and make it Garfield the cat and say something stupid to someone like "I'm going to cut your throat open." And does that really mean I'm Garfield and I'm going to do something so vulgar.

  • It does have an influence, but not too great of an influence.

    It is important, it is influential. But does that mean every action that we humans make are being dictated or even controlled by it? And my question to the proposing team would be this: Isn't the responsibility of every person to not be manipulated by the clutches of social media?

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