Does social media help in the development of the new generation?

  • It is a force.

    It not only helps in the development of the new generation, but also re-shape the generation by increasing interaction and grout-thinking. Twitter, facebook, instagram became the virtue convention centers for the younger generation, even grownups. In some way, they replaced the need for psychologists. Such cloud-based media is a new form of psycho-therapy.

  • Social media is the new media

    Social media, like social networking, is simply the way human communication is evolving, and soon will be the standard. So it is already helping to develop the new generation, and cementing itself as the standard the next generations will use for basic communication, for all its pluses and minuses. We need to realize this.

  • Its not the media but the user who thinks religious or so

    Actually the feeling our society is having towards social media is that they are disasters. The reason for such a believe is because of the daily news reports we see and hear about chat and cheat or so. But it is the user who does it all.The social media helps in building humanity.

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