Does social media help to propagate other types of crimes, such as burglaries and stalkings?

  • Social media helps spur crime on

    Social media helps to propagate crimes, such as burglaries and stalkings. The ease of finding someone's pictures and statuses, such as whether they are at home, can clue in someone prone to crime to enough information to help them commit one. While the aggressor is the only criminal in these cases, social media has a strong role in making victims' information fully available.

  • Social Media can have negative effects on people

    People need to be really careful they don't put to much on social media. A lot of personal business can go out and be screened by a criminal or a stalker that you may not know is looking at your profile so things you put can actually harm you. This just goes to show you every kind of communication through social media is not a great idea.

  • Yes, social media does

    Social media, unfortunately, gives criminals a new stomping grounds for heinous activities such as stalking, violent crime, and identity theft. Just look at the craigslist murders. I myself have been a victim of a cyber stalker for over a year, and they even found out my address and home phone number.

  • No social media does not help to propagate crime.

    Social media can be used by the police or the government to educate people about how to avoid being a victim of such crimesandndjbsb n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • No it doesn't.

    Social media does not help to propagate other types of crimes or stalkings and anything like that. I think that social media is used mainly for friends and family to stay in touch and be involved in one anothers life without having to be there. I do not think it aids crimes.

  • Far too over stated

    Social media is blamed for many things today because the news is mostly reported by the older generations and the news channels are mostly watched by the same group - something that skews their stories. There may have been high profile instances of this happening, but this is the exception.

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