Does social media influence an individuals decision to visit tourist destinations ?

Asked by: Estee
  • I have a more neutral opinon than strongly either way, though more in favor of support to the statement.

    Without social media, people as a culture have a natural curiosity to expand the geographical area you are already familiar with. The amount of time that we have spent using technology as an every day tool/toy is relatively small compared to the generations and thousands of years that we didn't have tech. Sure, travel and vacation now is influenced as strongly by social media, as it was by 'popular opinion' before social media was commonplace.

    Social media has an average or equal effect on tourist destinations, in my opinion because we gravitate towards where ever we gathered the most information concerning. Social media makes it really easy and fast to be informed of your potential destination.

  • Can I be frank?

    Honestly, I dont have any other media besides Facebook. But, I only got Facebook because my friend wanted more gifts on a game. Nevertheless, I am more of a wallflower than anything in school. From what I've seen, people think to highly of themselves to admit to anything. But, I also see people who spend 75% of time on their devices (Phones specifically) and are influenced accordingly. Other than that, even in my personal life with my family members, I have gone on a trip because they said "it looked cool."

  • What influences you to travel?

    I am a second year university student doing graphic design. For my dissertation I am basing my question on do you think you get influenced by social media to travel. But, if not what other things influence you to travel. I am just very interested to know if you agree or you totally disagree. I personally feel that I do get influenced specially on Instagram to find new places to travel. Anything would be really helpful.

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