• Yes, social media makes great danger.

    Have you heard about FOX NEWS? This is so called, "Trash Redneck Republican News." This news deny everything what Obama has done simply because he is "black" and has different political ideology from it. It also tends to exaggerate a small thing as a big thing instigating people feel nervous. A lot of people watching that news have insisted that Obama retire presidency, for what he has done is all wrong. I cannot actually stand with this trash medium because it is extremely bias and creates most of stories that has not been proven to be true. This kind of news should have been abolished a long time ago. And, I wish it had disappeared. If it were not for Fox News, the media would be better.

  • Yes,criminal can commit crime

    It's very obviously that social media make the our world dangerous.Nowadays criminal people can easily commit crime and search for victims.Especially young people are the most target of criminal.Also terrorist can plan the attack through social media.Cyberbullying is increasing and cause 4,400 teen suicide per year.Be more concern please.We should take action.

  • Focus on the main cause

    Although it is true that we are facing serious problems due to social media, we can observe far greater benefits due to social media as well. Social media, such as news outlets, forums, and video platforms, have a massive impact on the global education and awareness of many different topics.

    Social media has the power to connect minorities and outcasts with one another. It enables people to realize that there is nothing wrong with being a bit different, and that there are others like them. For many, this alone can reverse years of damage due to abuse, harassment, or discrimination.

    It also has the ability to filter out the misconceptions, scams, fear-mongering, and indoctrination that plague every society, by way of debate, discussion, research, and education. It is actively building a better tomorrow in a way we have never been able to achieve before.

    The root cause of cyber bullying is not social media itself, rather it is a lack of supervision and moderation. The same can be said for crimes via social media. Terrorists have been planning and carrying out attacks long before we had social media. We need to focus on the root cause of these issues, because prohibiting social media will not ultimately solve them.

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