Does social media play a part in teen suicide and cyber bully

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Cyberbullying and Feeling Left out

    Many teens are being bullied online and the media is where anyone can communicate. Some people join social media because that is where they are most comfortable to start a communication. Social media plays a role in everything because it never goes away. Everything stays the way it is and there is no possible way to delete anything permanent.

  • A Block Button exists.

    We honestly live in such a sensitive generation, for kids who are insensitive in their words. Despite being unable to delete words being spoken towards you, you CAN block them and report them to the social media site you are on. The thing is, you have a choice to either take bullying from a stranger as bullying from someone you personally knew or know or as a stranger, whom they are.
    Often, we forget that we don't truly know these people and they wouldn't affect us in any way, but we take it to heart.

    Case in Point: We are sensitive, for a generation of insensitive people. No one has the etiquette or memory to know that we don't need to be affected by a stranger we don't know.

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