Does social media play a part in the rising number of suicides among middle school students?

  • It exposes children and teens to outside influences, GOOD OR BAD

    This can be good or bad. But the fact that they are more exposed to the world means that greater influences can affect them whether positive or negative are the influences. Say someone harrasses or bullies someone in school. Now with social media, that guy has the ability to harrass him/her online ( the person can be blocked, but the fact that he has a chance to perform the bullying online means that he gets the chance to increase the bullying timeframe ). A real life example of this is about a young girl doing fanart of Steven Universe. She was bullied and even called rascist because, according to her detractors, the drawing was not drawn "right". It continued until she attempted suicide. Though she has recovered, the bullying did not stop. Someone even commented that "she pretended to kill herself to get more attention". And one person even said: "I'd f*ck you, but you would probably like it". The drawings were not circulated among family, friends, the school, but the whole wide world. Capable of attaining the world's praise or cruelest, most illogical curses and hate. So yes, it is connected to attempts of suicide.

  • Yes, social media plays a part in the rising number of suicides among middle school students.

    Yes, social media plays a part in the rising number of suicides among middle school students because bullies can continue to target them even after school lets out. Social media allows kids to be picked on even when they are home. It is the sad reality of bullying these days.

  • Cyber-bullying and social pressures are at an all-time high.

    With the increasing use and access to social media among America's youth, the issues of cyber-bullying and social pressures are at an all-time high. The social pressures presented by social media are dictating a skewed standard physical appearance and lifestyle that many youth feel they cannot live up to. Social media has also been a huge factor in cyber-bullying, presenting new ways for young students to target their peers. These two issues have been huge contributing factors to rising numbers of suicides among middle school-aged students.

  • Yes, it does.

    Social media allows students to express themselves in ways that might not have felt appropriate or possibles few years ago. Students can feel bullied and picked on and not know how to deal with the feelings and other real life consequences that can come from being bullied on social media.

  • Choice is crucial

    Social media is used for beneficial reasons but people who choose to use it get carried away. This is only the users fault because they did choose to use technology so its not just medias but anyone really. People can choose not to use it but still do and end up getting hurt

  • No, social media isn't causing more suicides

    No, social media hasn't anything to do with the increase in suicide rate among teenagers. Social media is just exposing the real cause behind increased suicides and that is alienation and lack of solidarity among students. Since we live in competitive and cutthroat adult world, so too is the teenage world becoming like that. Plain and simple, children learn to be ruthless and more frail children can not cope with that.

  • Friendship and Support, two things middle school students find on Social Media

    Fandoms is a word foreign to most adults and phsychiatrists that attempt to analyze this same subject. They are communities of people that share the same interest in a particular show, movie, actor, singer, book, etc. These groups don't only stand for that thing that they obsess over; they stand for each other. There is much friendship and support to find in these groups, and they are all over the internet. I have personally seen a surplus of support to the teens all over that are considering committing suicide. Although anyone can commit suicide, the type of person usually is found in a fandom. These groups support them whenever they begin to say something about committing suicide or self harm. They get notes saying how much they will be missed and how much everyone there loves them. I have never seen anyone actually do it. Fandoms are doing their job.

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