Does social media/technology affect relationships?

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  • Yes I support

    Yes,social media effect our relationship because from when social media has came to our life from that time our relationship with the relative,became easier to communicate with each other very easily by our social media like Facebook, what'sup etc. as I will tell that social media are saving our money.

  • Yes, i have seen it happen.

    Social media/technology affect relationships in ways. If you travel/move out of different country, it can be a game changer. It will benefit them by being more in touch with their relatives. But, it also changes a person by being more isolated and not being more social in the real world.

  • Yes, and it can have a negative effect

    If one was to visit this link,, you will immediately see something so rare and unbelievable. That would be a 100% agreement among respondents!

    While this respondent is one that falls right in with the majority, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the topic does have many negative values that need to be considered. One example would be, the constant disassociation with real-life venues.

  • Yes and no

    Social media improves long-distance relationships. My wife is able to talk to her sister 6000 miles away for example instantly. Problem is that it distances those that live together as the fake life that is led via social media can be attractive as a welcome second life to many. Balance is hard and more often than not it is weighted towards the phone/tablet/PC over a meal with the family. Watch the future based film Surrogates for an image of how we might end up!

  • Does social media/technology affect relationships?

    Definitively it does affect relationships as the media is very influential and technology is very addicting. Families, couples and friends spend more time in social media than speaking to one another. Even on dates you see people with the urge of having their cellphones on top of the table or in their hands. The more technology and media progresses the bigger barrier builds in communicating.

  • Dependency on social media has bought people closer yet so far!

    In this generation, we cannot imagine life without the use of social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. We have become so much inclined to these modes of communication that it is having serious negative effects in personal lives of people. People are are posting their minute minute activities on sites like Facebook, twitter making their personal life public. There is no personal conversation between people who are present together yet they are busy sending messages to someone who is far away who has nothing much to do with their personal life. Many couples are having more fights due to such behavior taking them away far from each other. Thus family life is affected not only between husband and wife relationship, also children are affected more. Moreover, people are having less physical activity simply by being busy with their gadgets most of the time which also affecting their eyes.
    In fact we can say the more people are getting engaged with these apps the lesser social life they have.

  • It definitely affects relationships.

    Social media affects relationships both positively and negatively! It can help them stay in contact and share/save memories. Especially helpful with long distance relationships. However it can cause arguments and create insecurities. It also gives people more oppurtunities to cheat on their partners, This is obviously highly depedent on the people involved.

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