Does social networking affect people's lives?

Asked by: Jebby
  • Affection of social media

    It just don't go people's mind in studies they think to always touch mobile and see what is written. It make people to see world in a different way its a bad habit. If they type something wrong people will see them on a hatefull way it is why we don't need to use social media

  • It destroys us

    It's destroying us little by little. Especially them teens who should be studying rather than being on social media. This results in them getting bad grades and failing in life. Also social media is what causes people to start seeing the world in a hateful way. Just look at all the Trump v. Hillary that's going on in Twitter.

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  • Yes ygn tbh

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  • It does affect

    If there was no social media then there would have been no distraction in our studies.....................................................
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  • Ducks are way more awesome than this crab argument

    Ducks will soon take over the world, and then social media. They will send kawaii selfehs of themselves and getting 15, 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 lieks on it. SOON KIM KARDASHIAN WILL BE NO MORE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. AND SO WILL THE OTHER KARDASHIAN FAMILY. Come here to join the duck army and stop these kind of people posting typical stuff on the internet. RIGHTS!

  • Yes it does

    Ok, so you are a teenager on social media. You post a comment, it gets backlash in the form of comments. Some comments are "kill yourself" and "Just die already." Some teens have killed themselves because of these comments. Which is a direct effect from the comments. This occurs a lot more than you might think. Other effects occur from teens killing themselves as mothers loose a family member. This is just only one example. Some people post inappropriate images and people see these and react differently, by commenting dumb things or asking for more. Some of these are illegal and people go to jail for viewing. An effect. I can mention thousands more, but my hands hurt, Oh that's another effect, My hands hurt.

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  • Social media does change a persons life.

    Social Media affects a persons life because soon after they have started using them the soon start getting addicted and then bullying occurs and then people get upset, so on so forth. Most people use social media as a way to keep in touch with mates or to send things to people at work and so on.

  • Social Media has a life skill inside it!

    Social media is great because when you that when you get bullied online, you learn how to deal with it. It makes you have more confidence and makes you stronger as a person. You learn an important life skill which helps you in your future, online or offline

    So don't let others make you feel like not having social media!!

  • It does not

    It can because when someone sees a bad post they can laugh and make fun fun of that person and always be bullying they can be bullied to even if its online they can say stuff to that person who has the embarrassing pots posted of them and thats not coll

  • No it doesn't

    We choose whether we spend hours of our day on Facebook or twitter or not, social media does not control us we control it and if someone is stupid enough to be addicted to the point that they take it more seriously than their own life than they need help because thats not right

  • Social media argument

    It is not effecting our lives, we are the ones effecting our lives. Social media is not to blame the things on social media are to blame. And those stereo types on social media effect other people to change. To make a change social media should not be taken away the people posting influencing stereo type or those people posting inappropriate things should be taken away. What we do is completely our choice.!!

  • No It doesnt

    Social media does not effect our lives, we effet social media, what we see and do is purely our choice, isnt the newsfeed of facebook(commonly used social media site) only showing what you want to see, the website uses your previous activity (what you have liked and commented on) and creates a pretense social structure from their, along with what your friends (who you have added) have liked too, we influence social media so much, so to say that it has control over our lives is pure rubbish

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