• Yes, social netwroking does encourage self expression.

    Social networking gives people a chance to express themselves in an online network of friends. This self expression may or may not be different for everyone, but I find that being able to express myself, even if online is very beneficial to me. I feel as if I am connecting with friends online.

  • Yes, it is about our lives.

    Yes, social networking encourages self-expression, because social networking allows people to connect with others who think like them. Social networking is all about self-expression, because each person has their own little page which is all about them. It is a great way for people to show off their personality and their own views.

  • It's an ultimate form of self expression.

    What other kind of expression would social networking encourage? When I post something to Facebook or Twitter it's either my original thoughts, or some kind of photo meme that includes something that I thought was funny, relevant or inspiring to me. Even if I didn't create it, the sentiment those posts include are my inherent expression of self.

  • Social networking does encourage self expression.

    Social networking does encourage self expression. Everything that we do on social networking sites are about our self expression. Even Facebook wants to know how you are feeling every second of the day. We get our own wall to express ourselves anytime that we want to. The whole point of the sites are to express ourselves.

  • 2% .. But not more

    Lemme tell you my own experience ..
    People exchange their thoughts with people that's right.
    They do get to know new people!
    But if you look on the other side.. They're gettin' lack of interest in other things. They' don't like to meet people OFFLINE :)

    They only like to have Virtual friends. So anyhow it is harmful

  • For Some, But Not For Most

    I do not believe social networking encourages self expression. I believe you see self expression on Facebook quite a bit and it does make it easier to get that self expression out to the world. However, many people have come to realize the dangers of Facebook, privacy concerns, employers checking profile and walls, etc. People who are aware of these problems have restricted self expression because they know everything they post can and will be used against them in real life.

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