Does social networking improve the quality of society?

  • Yes, it allows us to connect with more people

    Social networking improves the quality of society by allowing us to connect and socialize with people we may not have connected with without social networking. Social networking also allows us to develop deeper relationships because it allows us to stay connected to our friends, family members, and acquaintances for longer periods of time.

  • Long distance relationships really benefit

    Social networking does make it easier for long distance relationships to be kept up. Photo sharing is also happening more and more online, so families and friends are often closer thanks to social media. Anytime people have better relationships all communities involved are stronger. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks of the few who spend too much time lost online.

  • Social Networking Plays a Vital Role in Today's Information Era

    The ability to connect with people on a social and professional level through the power of the internet does improve the quality of society. Social media platforms allow users to connect with a broad range of people that would otherwise be impossible without the platform. Social media is a powerful tool that continues to improve daily.

  • Social Networking Creates Isolation

    Social networking has become the preferred way of communicating in America, but it's not improving the quality or bolstering the strength of relationships. It provides a forum for those who feel the need to voice an opinion, but in doing so creates a false importance of that voice. Instead of liking a photo or following a celebrity, I think people should be visiting their neighbors and sharing a meal.

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