Does Social Security need to be reformed due to the declining number of young workers in the economy?

  • Yes, SS needs to be updated.

    Given there are less people working, it's only a matter of time before SS dries up.
    One issue I have is when a person is married over 10 years, they can claim social security benefits. And the person can be remarried several times and receive SS benefits from all their spouses. The last person one marries should be their only claim to survival spouse benefits they can receive.

  • It's out of money.

    Yes, social security needs to be reformed due to the declining number of young workers in the economy, because there are about to be more people on social security than there are people paying into it. My grandpa always said that social security is grandpa robbing from his grandkids. There will be nothing left for the grandkids without reform.

  • Yes, Social Security need to be reformed .

    Social Security is seen as too important of a safety net for millions of
    American workers to risk losing. If small changes to the Social
    Security system are made now, they'll go a long way toward ensuring that
    drastic measures will be beneficial for young American workers . Otherwise
    social Security benefits can affect retirement plans.

  • Yes, Social Security needs to be reformed.

    While I do not know how it has to be reformed, I do believe that some changes will have to be made to support the larger number of senior citizens alive today. They are also living longer which means that they need to be paid for longer, I believe it will sort itself out eventually but needs to be nudged in the right direction.

  • Yes, for people 45 and under.

    As people live longer, they are naturally going to work longer and stay vital. Sixty-five was old when the Social Security Act was first passed and now it is not for many people. We need to keep building in higher ages or perhaps some income test which will limit the number of recipients so that this becomes normal.

  • Corporations are the only ones who want that reform.

    Social Security does not need to be reformed. Most of the nonsense you hear about a need for reformation is coming from corporate shills, or corporate apologists. They would love to privatize Social Security, because it would be financially lucrative for them. The program works just fine, and does not need to be changed.

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