• Just look at Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands, and many more!

    These countries support socialism in their governments and they have the highest standard of living, highest education, highest health care, and are the happiest people in the world. The soviet union was never a socialist society, it was a totalitarianism as with the Nazis and many dictatorship like leaders that abused their powers. It has been proven to work with the VA health care right in America. Look this up! Majority of intellectuals favor socialism and the unintelligent favor Capitalism which has major financial failures every decade.

  • Its working every single day.

    Public education, social programs, the use of taxes to build roads, bridges etc. are all examples of what socialism aims to implement. The use of taxes to fund education, hospitals and social programs is not a capitalist idea. There isn't a nation on Earth that doesn't embrace socialist policies, does this make those countries socialist? Of course not.

  • Yes, socialism works.

    Socialism itself is idealistic dogma to assure certain safety for the multitude. Of course, there are some to exploit that benefit for their lazy behavior. However, even with this problem socialism works with some modification which reflect the virtue of capitalism to encourage and motivate people to do their best for their lives.

  • Socialism works great in venezuela

    Venezuela has taken a drastic turn for the better ever since Hugo Chavez was voted into office in 1998. For those who don't know, Hugo Chavez was a socialist leader who died in March of 2013. Venezuela, under Chavez, has reduced extreme poverty by over 70% and general poverty has been reduced by nearly half. It has increased literacy to 99.6% which is significantly high for their region and it has increased dramatically under since 1998. Venezuela has increased access to healthcare through socialism, also. For example, the infant mortality rate dropped by nearly half since Chavez took office. Also, for those who say socialism doesn't work because people lose incentive to work, how do you explain the unemployment dropping by over half since 1998 in Venezuela. Food production has increased by 24% since 1998 and the average Venezuelan citizen takes in 101% of the suggested calorie intake as opposed to the 90% they were getting before 1998. The oil revenue has multiplied by four since 1998, going from 15 billion dollars to over 60 billion dollars. Nobody would deny that these accomplishments over the last 10 years is because of socialism.

  • Most always want more than they need.

    It's in human nature, yes, but the element of community and common sense is what makes socialism work. It's the fact that some people /do not care/ about others that greed sets in, they take what the want, and then it becomes totalitarianism or a tyranny. Most people today do not have the common sense or enough ethical thinking to work well with others.

  • Has Never Worked

    Socialism in general has never worked. Why anyone would still support it is beyond me. Look at the former USSR! Why do you think it collapsed? Because of socialism. Capitalism is not the best, but it is certainly better than the failed socialism. At least capitalism gives what you need.

  • No it does not.

    Imagine yourself in a classroom. There is a test, the smartest kids in the class are prepared for the test and pass. While the others who did not study fail. The teacher tells the class that when they take their next test all the students can copy off each other (Socialist system) The next test the smart students do not study, nor did the failing students so everyone fails.

  • It's just bad...

    F.A. Hayek wrote that the intellectuals who promote Socialism would recoil if they knew where their ideas would ultimately lead. I'm paraphrasing, of course. Socialism seems to work on a small scale and for a limited time. But it really only works well in the imaginations of those so-called intellectuals who have more compassion than common sense. Socialism can not work in a free society, because the entire system depends on forced, not voluntary, cooperation.

  • No its called theft

    Stealing is wrong no matter how you try to present it. The whole point of a free country is to be able to due as you please without breaking any laws. Why should anyone be able to make you give your money away if you have done nothing wrong in the first place. Especially since you earned it! Its your money!

  • Look at Venezuela - Has the most oil reserves of any country yet run out of Toilet Paper

    Look at Venezuela - Has the most oil reserves of any country yet run out of Toilet Paper - How pathetic! If any country should be a Socialist cradle to grave paradise, it should be a country with huge oil reserves. But no, they just can't make it. The country will soon collapse.

  • In general on the classical level? No

    Some parts of it are nice and can work, like free education, healthcare, etc. But the concept in the classical form does NOT work. You can't implement the entire system only parts. Any action that restricts people's ability to self govern is a bad thing.
    Healthcare should be OPTIONAL You shouldn't HAVE to have it it you don't want it. It should just be available to those who need it but don't have it. Same for all the rest. We don't force everyone to have public education, why force health care?

  • No, absolutely not.

    No, Socialism does not work. It is difficult if not impossible to find any country where Socialism has been beneficial to the populace. The theory that the rich should pay for the poor, has never worked to enhance a socialist state. The U.S. has been heading towards a socialist type of government in recent years, and our country is not better off because of it. At some point, the rich will no longer be able to support those who are receiving the benefit of their hard work.

  • Nope.

    See every former and current socialist country. Socialism and to the extreme, Communism, looks great on paper. As do lots of other programs, like trickle down economics for example. However, just because something looks good on paper, doesn't mean it will work out that way. The biggest flaw of socialism and communism is it doesn't incorporate human character. Read the Marx-Engles reader to get a true sense of what pure communism is like. You'll quickly realize it's a very flawed system that could never work.

  • Socialism Limits Freedoms

    Socialism in its most extreme expression, Communism, failed miserably in the Soviet Union. Europe has some form of socialism in Scandinavia and other regions. However, socialism has its limits. When governments have more control and more authority, freedom of expression and freedom of choice are hindered. Socialism may work for Europe, but not for America. The free market should be the guiding principle and the government should only step in for emergencies.

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