• Societal Welfare is More Important than Science

    When scientific experimentation or pursuit starts to erode the fabric of society then that scientific pursuit should be halted until society can deal with the potential discoveries. You see this with the cloning debate, we are slowly approaching cloned humans, but mostly because our morals and ethics have not been able to societally rationalize it, not because the technology doesn't exist.

  • Yes, without a healthy human Society there is no need to pursue Science.

    If Society is not well, is not healthy Science will fall by the wayside.To give up the well fare of people for the study and bettering of people is an oxy-moron and in its self the polar mirror of the true identity of scientific study.In my belief, Science should serve man and his future.His world and all that inhabits it should be served by Science.The welfare of society if the reason many Scientist have lost thier helth and devoted their lives.

  • People come first

    People should always come first, and unless the scientific pursuit is curing a disease, or hunger, or poverty is general, then our priority as a society should be to help others and provide those in need with those necessities, with everything we have to give them. If science helps this, more power to them, but welfare comes first.

  • No, I don't think societal welfare should outweight scientific pursuit.

    I believe that overall the more resources we dedicated into scientific pursuits the better the quality of life for society in general will be, the more research we do and the more discoveries we make will end up in the long run dramatically improving nearly every corner of life overall.

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