Does society as a whole grasp the legal or moral grounds against rape?

  • Yes, society grasps the legal and moral grounds against rape.

    I firmly believe society, as a whole, grasps the legal and moral grounds against rape. I believe that society, as a whole, most often chooses to ignore the legal or moral grounds of rape. We are too convinced, as a society, that rape is often brought on by the victim and therefore not necessarily a "crime".

  • Society knows rape is wrong

    There will always be a few crazy people who think rape is inevitable or that women invite rape through behavior or clothing, but by and large the whole of our society understands how serious rape is. There are issues though of making women and men feel safe to report instances of rape so that they can be helped.

  • Yes I think so.

    Society as a whole does seem to grasp the legal and moral grounds against rape. For the majority I think people understand and are super against it. They do there best to be supportive and to help each other out when faced in terrible situations like that and work towards preventing it.

  • Yes, it is condemned.

    Yes, society as a whole grasps the legal and moral grounds against rape, because rape is considered abhorrent by the general public. Those who are convicted of rape are dealt with harshly, often with long prison sentences. No amount of public condemnation can stop a deviant few who are insistent on hurting others and breaking the law. But that does not mean that society does not appreciate how terrible rape is.

  • Rape A Political Topic

    I do not believe society has grasp the legal and moral grounds of rape. I believe rape accusations and rape cases have grown to include a whole classes of cases and in turn, the topic of rape, has become a politically fused topic. We need to educate our young about rape and what they laws say rape is now. It's changed drastically and both girls and boys need to understand this. Rape is obviously not good, but we've learned to associate more than common, violent rape with the word itself.

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