• I agree that the people make society what it is.

    Good must triumph over bad. Just as light can dispel the darkness. So We the People have a choice. Teach your children good and We have a better society. Teach your child to be bad and We all suffer a bad environment. Just like the human gut, keep the good bacteria flourishing to crowd out the bad bacteria. Feed the good, and starve the bad to death.

  • Society corrupts people.

    While man is not born entirely a clean slate, with innate tendencies given to them by their birth parents, man is born without societal influence, and as a divine being. With the involvement of an impure system, there is absolutely no way that man could stay divine, and it is necessary to mold to the mindless and heartless system that surrounds. This deems it almost impossible for anyone to remain truly pure. Any idea of culture is merely a coping method to deal with the pain of living in a society in which it impossible to be truly free.

  • A man is born an empty slate.

    A man is born an empty slate. Tabula Rasa is a term referring to that. It means that a mans mind is blank when he's born and he's free from all sort of negative influences corrupting his mind through perception. But all of these negative aspects from society are what do it.

  • Society is Ruining Out View of the World

    Everywhere we look, there are rules, expectations thrown at us from society. And we conform to it, wanting to please others. We are willing to change ourselves so that others gives us even a second glance. We do not need to follow the rules set by others. We need to pave our own path. Who cares what people think of you. Do they know the person you are inside? I do not think so.

  • Society fucks millennials sucks

    Corruption is everywhere from our birth to death air water land .May be one day people die with their greediness .All they need is money...More money generations after generations...They can leave their family for money.It is not a basic need .It became more than that.May be one day everybody will be in depression ,go mad,want to die

  • Deceivery and Illusions surround us!

    If you look hard enough, you will see that society is a self perpetuating wasteland filled with moneysharks, government control(these things are usually so discreet that the average person will never see it happening) and evil corporations that just want to scam you out of everything that is a necessity to you, government agents are around every corner spying on "crazy" people that are simply awakened to the giant lie that has surrounded everyone for centuries and waiting to kidnap and brainwash them so that the rest of society doesn't become self aware!

  • Society favors the strong and rich

    We are here in the particular planet, in this particular day, in this particular realm all for a reason. We all have our purpose and all bleed the same blood. Imagine we weren't so selfish and judgmental, the world would be a better place. Technology plaques and corrupts those who misuse. #Equal Rights #Equal opportunities.

    -Jaidev Morar

  • Society does corrupt people!

    No one is born innocent when you were a baby you allegedly cried for food but in reality you just wanted attention. As you grow older you learn how the world goes round.People steal, people die of hunger, people go to sleep with no roof over their head. If we were to commit ourselves to helping others or if the military didn't pay for war as much as they do most of the devilish acts that are done today wouldn't exist. For example drug dealers know that the drugs you are buying from them will ruin your life yet they still sell them to you. Although those drug dealers wouldn't have to be selling you drugs if we had more jobs to go around, but Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying $4 million for Cost of War in Afghanistan. Therefore society does corrupt people.

  • Society is corrupt

    We were all born pure and innocent but over time we begin to learn how to steal, cheat, and lie. Society corrupts the innocent minded. We are all evil. As we start to grow are parents immediately teach us how to want more. We are consumed with greed. We are corrupt.

  • A gloomy future

    If everyone is corrupt, why don't you be one of them? They expect you to be so anyway. I believe there is darkness in everyone's heart- we tend to deprive of each other. Even "good" people will get mad when they are deprived and want to seek tit-for-tat; when we understand our kindness will never be repaid, when should we continue to show kindness? After all, most people care only about their own interest.

  • Society does NOT corrupt people.

    Our world is a place. Without people, it doesn't have ideas, cultures, religions, and creativity. How can society corrupt people when it actually occurs the other way around. People are ruined with greed and self-confidence. The number of criminals are growing. Why? Because of the people! Listen, we are who we want to be. People mess up our society because of their sudden chaotic thoughts. Our society can be better. It should be better. I believe in my generation and future generations to come. We can defeat the stereotypical society together.

  • A Person Corrupts Themselves

    People control what they do, when they do it, and how they do it. If people decide to go off burning buildings and steeling, then that is their choice, but if you decide to stay grounded in your morals and faith (if you're religious) then you have made your choice to do so.

  • We want mroe

    Either way our society is corrupted. Parents are teaching their kids to become greedy. People do not want immigrants stealing what could be theirs. But, people do not want to throw them out because then America will be sending the wrong message to people. America wants to be the place people can come to follow their dreams

  • No one cares.

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  • People create the corruption in society

    Society is a creation of humanity. Any darkness in society is undoubtedly placed there by its creators. As shown with numerous studies regarding the violence of prehistoric man, we are by nature violent. Society may have its problems, but it is the way we hold back our base savagery; any imperfections are a result of these animal instincts.

  • A person can only corrupt themself

    If they live in a corrupt society run by corrupt gov, they are more likley to become corrupt beacuse of coercion, being paid to, social pressures, and mimicing others.
    Moveing a person out of a bad area into a good area, often removes the coercion, payment for doing bad things, social pressures to act corrupt, and bad role models, thus the person will often stop their bad behavior very shortly or immedaitly, and soon fit in w non corrupt crowd.
    Just beacuse a gov is very corrupt, doesnt mean the subjects are. The subjects of each country are about = when it comes to morality and how corrupt they are.
    In some areas, they are at risk of being socially excluded or punished if they dont act corrupt to, once moved to an area where they will be accepted and not punished for being nice, they often turn nice.
    Ex: some drafted solijers around the world kill beacuse they are coerced into doing it, they arnt a worse person than someone who would do the same thing if in that situation.
    Time/resources wasted over-punishing should be better spent correcting the root incentive of why most people commit crime(because corrupt gov members steal their better options to make wealth to purposely make them poor, forced dependent, or resort to crime), by spending it on giving the poor efficient welfare, job training, and defensive means to protect their right to freely use the land to be independent, and cut taxes and excessive regs on producers of survival products to create more good jobs, instead of taxing good jobs to fund excessive punishment.

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