Does society suffer from the effects of television?

  • Television is detrimental to society.

    TV hinders people's (especially children) socialization skills. Instead of being with real people, children are only exposed to cartoon characters that don't teach them anything (e.G. Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb, etc.). Yes, there are some educational programs that children can watch but the majority of shows aren't beneficial in any way. Sure, go put your child in front of Sesame Street and they'll learn things they can learn in pre-k and kindergarten. Instead of watching TV, they can go play outside or just read a book. Get the same excitement from reading a book but also strengthen your brain! Studies have shown the importance of eye contact and with television, you don't get to practice this. Imagine a child who watches lots of television only interacts with characters who never look at the screen (and if they do, it's not the same as a real person) and then they try to go out into the real world. How are they going to know how to socialize? They won't.

  • Yes, society suffers from the effects of television.

    Society suffers from the effects if television in number of ways. For example, the continual stream of violence on television is thought to negatively impact those individuals who already demonstrate a propensity for violent behavior. In addition, certain aspects of televised programming triviliazes different aspects of human relationships, which appears to bleed over into the way in which people actually interact with one another.

  • Yes, television has a negative effect on society.

    Yes, television causes society to continue to suffer negative effects. Early television was shot in black and white, making it easier to recognize that what was happening was fake. However, today, color television and clearer pictures brings more realism. Such realism brings violence into the home. As children are exposed to this violence on TV, they become more violent themselves, causing the negative side effects on society.

  • Yes, television is a drain on society.

    While there is a little educational value in television, there is nothing offered from TV that can't be learned from books. TV creates a more divisive society and hurts the lines of communication. Watching TV instead of engaging in activities also contributes to the obesity epidemic. All in all, society is worse off with television.

  • Society has become a slave to television.

    Society looks to television for cues about virtually all aspects of how it should behave, dress, talk, walk, look and value. This is problematic because many of the things that are depicted on television are simply unrealistic. In embracing what is seen on television, society is placing unrealistic expectations on itself. This results in social issues such as discrimination, eating disorders, etc.

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