• Yep yep and yep

    That’s why lonely people are so desperate for a girlfriend and that’s why they turn to so much porn because they’re so desperate for sex and that comes with tons of psychological problems and then it gets worse like a drug and they’ll go deeper into more degrading fantasies or fantasies that aren’t normal like fictional characters. While it’s one thing to say “anime girls look cute” (because they are) but if you’re jerking off to naked drawn bodies you obviously have issues. For stress people just tell you to masturbate, If you feel lonely people just say “play an anime dating sim” and a lot of them are sexual and require your brain to just look at woman like sex objects just like porn.

    This is why marriage is important and I don’t see the need to toss marriage and make the new norm “get drunk and f**k the first girl you meet and pray she doesn’t get pregnant”. Because A she’s probably going to lie to you about being on the pill or something. B she will most likely accuse you of rape and get all your money since women are privileged in court. C she may have another boyfriend that’ll probably kick your ass. FFS if we didn’t push pornography on children and just stuck to traditional marriage we wouldn’t have so many broken families, Kids addicted to porn, Constantly perverted society, Pedophiles arguing for child porn, Media becoming so sexualize (including anime and omg anime is so sexualized it’s not even funny). We also wouldn’t have so many stories like rose kalemba (a 14 year old girl who got raped on pornhub and threatened to take legal action against them because they refused to take her videos down). And we wouldn’t be teaching sex Ed to 5 year olds. Oh on top of that we also wouldn’t be needing abortion if we stuck to traditional marriage because there’s a lot of planning involved both financially and a lot of time to make the big decision. Even if you’re pro choice you should know that abortion is a pretty traumatic experience which does leave many woman traumatized, And if you don’t believe me look up the abortion process.

  • Absolutely. .

    Think about it why are so many lonely people addicted to porn because they are looking for the kind of intimacy that comes with sex they are not horny their hurting they are turning to porn to find that intimacy that they so desperately want and need why are incels so bitter people are hurting we need figure out how this started and put a stop to it asap

  • What does that even mean?

    I agree with what people are saying in the yes section, More or less but how does any of that correlate to 'sexualizing our problems".

    Masturbation can be healthy and natural if you don't indulge in sexual thoughts.

    It's stupid to sleep around and such but most programs and people don't condone that kind of action. Many programs advocate staying sober and getting to know people before sleeping with them. One-night stands are dangerous and make you easy prey for psychopaths who don't want to go through the rigor of pretending to be good people before striking.

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