Does society value material possessions and money above everything else?

Asked by: Nerdygirl25
  • Sad, but cannot be denied.

    Man, I hate to sound like the pessimistic dude that doesn't think there are good people in the world, and I wish it wasn't true, but except the very rare exceptions, money is more important to current day society. Robberies and murders over money, employers exploiting employees. Take a look at the movie "The Incredibles". At Mr. Incredible's work, his boss becomes mad he is writing checks for people who are supposed to get them. He wants them to pay for a service that is just at it for money. I hate to say it, I really do, but it's undeniable.

  • Yes we do but we don't realise it.

    In our society we rely an awful lot on technology and many people think money makes he world go round. We take friendship, honesty and love for granted and no longer appreciate the simple natural side of life such as art and nature. I am not saying this is everyone all the time however I do think as a whole this is the category our society now fits into.

  • It desires conformity and looks

    Society values money, but it wants more for everyone to be a beautiful robot who only does what they say. Looks are more valued than money. People spend a lot of time trying to look "stylish", which really means wearing what everyone else is wearing. And we also act like everyone else.

  • Quite worse, in fact.

    Well, I have no doubt that there is immense regard for materials and money, but what I believe that society emphasizes, and yearns for, even mores-so is conformity and blind obedience. Security over freedom. It just happens their "leaders" have chosen a more materialistic stance. But it is conformity they desire, more than objects.

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