Does someone have the right to commit suicide if they want to?

  • It is NOT selfish.

    Most people who feel that a person does not have the right to kill him/herself think so because of the pain and suffering their death might cause to the people who care about them. In my opinion it is they who are the selfish ones, for two reasons: 1. They might have been able to give more support during the persons crisis, and 2. The one who committed the suicide did so because he or she felt their life was not worth living any longer and had extreme unhappiness. Anyone who can't deal with losing someone because of the pain they might feel and not look at the pain the person who killed him/herself felt doesn't understand what they're saying.
    There is one setting in which I find it is selfish and that is when they have kids who won't have anyone to take care of them.

  • I agree that someone has the right to commit suicide if they want to; we are all free individuals with free will, and we should be allowed to be master of our own bodies as long as we do not hurt anyone else but ourselves.

    There are many reasons why people might chose to end their own life, and if we truly believe as a society that we are free people with free reign over ourselves and our actions, and that we should be free to do as we please as long as we harm none but ourselves, then we have no moral right to force another human to keep from taking his life.

    There are legitimate reasons why a person might wish to do so, primary of which is self-euthanasia in cases of terminal illness, especially with extreme and debilitating pain. These people may wish to die with dignity, having been the master of their own fate, instead of having to suffer the indignity of being hooked up to tubes and wires, confined to a bed, in a haze of morphine. Life is precious, but is not the quality of life just as important, if not more so, than the quantity of life? In the end, if a person is of sound mind, and mentally competent to make such a choice, then we have no moral or ethical ground to stand upon to force them to continue living if they so wish not to.

    Posted by: MagicalRodrigo30
  • Selfish? Are you kidding me

    Um, yes they do because its our body... And its not "selfish" because its because of those people who "care so much about them" are the ones which make them want to commit suicide -.- you wouldn't know how it feels like to be them so don't judge them unless you have been in the same situation.

  • Absolutely my choice

    In my life, my father never wanted me, my mother too busy to have me raped at 15, child at 19 cheated on by my daughters father, held hostige at 28 to be shot.. Had to move, been beaten to within a inch of life, lost my job, lost my precious dog this year.. Grandmother died, nephew diagnosed with lukemiar.. I don't have anyone to speak to except my physciatrict and I feel like a fool and he is judging me.. If I say anything to anyone they avoid me like the plague so I'm on my own.. I am applying disability but that's so hard, I'm trying to applying to re study but that's turning out hard.. I think about sucicide at least 10 times a day.. I own four horses and adore them all, and I have my daughter..I'm always being taken advantage of to do stuff.. And probably 50 percent of my day is in tears,and I just want it all to end.. Ive suffered for long enough, with so many things, so much pain.. My relatives expect me to support them with their children but no one supports me with my horses , not even for 5 minutes.. There is no interest.. Everytime I get excited about something, something comes and cut's it down.. Like I was supposed to start riding my horses again, and was so excited cause it helps me be calm and appreciate that I'm lucky to own such amazing creatures.. But then I got kicked in the arm, and have ulnar nerve contusion which means no horses for 6 weeks minimum.. I'm shattered to say the least, and it's continunal over and over again.. If I offer to help people they ignore me... People say look at the good, and I look at the good my daughter and my horses but there is so much sadness, and if Im near the horses when sad, then they get all sad... I don't think its selfish, people who commit suicide do so because they can't stand the pain anymore and just want a break.. I have accidentally ended up in hospital for orderdoes on medication, but it was just cause I wanted to sleep, and don't have night mares and just have rest.. I think people who are to forward about their opinon of suicide should think... Is there someone I know who is struggleing with breaking, is there something I can do to help them, Whithout making them feel like a weak worthless person.. Because for me I have been left to deal with everything on my own.. My families response was they haven't know what to do... They are so busy.. I have provided them with details of my condition and they haven't read.. So why bother???

  • We have a right to die

    It's logical that a person has the right to do what they want with their life as long as they do not have kids to take care of or someone who is dependent on them. There is no reason to live if a person does not want to be alive

  • Forcing people to live against their will is cruel and unusual punishment

    The reasons against suicide are either religious, selfish, or economical. Religion: not everyone believes in or likes god. Scared to lose someone? Well, try being nicer to people instead of pushing them away when they need you. "Mental illness"? Nah. Vulnerable market that can be forced into repeatedly paying for therapy and anti-depressants? Yuppers. Think about it: other illnesses rely on quantifiable measurements to indicate their presence or absence.

    If people had their right to opt out of the failing system that is our society today, maybe people would be forced to open their eyes and stop taking others for granted.

  • Life should be lived by choice and not by force

    I think that life should be a wonderful journey and not a nightmarish dream. One should live a happy and fulfilled life with no regrets. There are ups and downs but one needs the resources to deal with them. But what happens when a person does not have the resources to deal with the problems? They cannot prolong their suffering. Its like being forced to live a life of needless suffering which nobody deserves. Everybody wants a happy life and its the society's collective responsibility to ensure everyone is happy. But when a society cannot do that, then it does not have the right to question a person's decision. Suicide never happens because somebody just wants to do it. It is the culmination of unresolved problems. Stopping a suicidal person is hypocritical if you cannot solve his problems. If a person does not wish to live then he has every right to end it because it is his life

  • Their body their choice

    If we can't stop others in their decision on other matters then we can't stop these people because it is their right to for it is not hurting anyone their emotional hurting dosn't matter because women being allowed to abort with out any say of they father even thou it is hurting them emotionally

  • Suicide Is Legitimate

    There are some people, like me, who have endured too much. I've been abused for 52 years from childhood right up to 52 years of age. I've faced death three times. I've simply had enough. I feel that for me, and for other people, life is just too much to bear. Why prolong the agony?

  • You own your own body and should be allowed to do what you like with it!

    It is outrageous that (in the UK at least) so called health professionals can think you are inherently unstable because you have weighed up the pros and cons of life and feel that, overall, life is hassle and you get less out of it than all the drudgery it imposes. You absolutely own your own body and have the absolute right to do with it as you want. All the "sanctity of life" religious dogma is total rubbish and should not be used by authorities to justify committing / "Sectioning" people who are making a rational decision to commit suicide.

  • It is wrong

    This goes out to all of you who are thinking of committing suicide. Life is hard no matter what class you are in yet there will always be someone out there who will "wish to be you". I don't care if anyone here thinks a person has a right to kill him/her self, it doesn't make it right. It's like saying yes to a person who is asking if he has the right to do drugs. You have no right to seriously hurt the people who love you and there are millions out there who are going through harder suffering than you and they fought their way up.

    Posted by: cisc
  • NO NO NO

    No. We don't have rights to commit suicide. We should live for our parents. Our mother birthed us with world's highest pain. We should think about that. We should not make her unhappy by ending our life. Please do not take the decision like that. Before commit suicide just think who does not have problems ?

  • Does someone have the right to not be born if they do not want to?

    I think not. "Life" itself is something we cannot control. If we do not have the right to choose not to be born, then that means we do not have the right to choose not to live. Continuing from this, it would mean that we do not have the right to commit suicide. Using this logical syllogism, we have proved that one does not have the right to commit suicide.

    Posted by: xxx
  • Only In Some Cases

    If the person is terminally ill let them go. Otherwise even if the person isn't crazy they are being selfish by leaving behind their friends and family. However, there are cases where suicide may selflessly serve the greater cause of humanity by bringing attention to injustice. For example, the buddhist monks and anti-war activists who famously set themselves on fire during the Vietnamese War. But a person should not rush into such a decision lightly.

  • Insane!!

    Those who choose to commit suicide are normally in most cases can be helped by therapy and are clearly not in the right state of mind to take their own life. There are some circumstances that could be justified, but if your spouse left you and you are to afraid to deal with reality you just need to calm down and take therapy because that situation can be fixed

  • Life is Precious

    After watching my Mom and Father in law fight for life and loosing their battle I find it morally wrong to just throw life away. I love this quote and use it when ever I get really sad " Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem." Keep fighting and if you really feel low go to the hospital and look at all the newborns, they give you a wonderful perspective.

  • Of course not

    So lets say I lose all hope and have no possible way of achieving anything ever again. I'm completely down in a ditch and I surely can't get out, I should still not commit suicide. Why? As humans our purpose isn't entirely to find happiness, love, or some other form of overjoyed feeling that makes us feel of another world. While we experience these feelings we also experience hate, jealousy, melancholy and other forms of negative thoughts. These feelings will all come and go but some might not be able to take such negative emotions and insist on suicide but if you do feel that way and you're reading this, I hope you know the purpose of life it to keep moving forward because once you end your life you'll never be able to experience the beautiful things in life. I hope this might help you change your mind.

  • Not at all!

    To support the idea that people have a right to suicide completely undermines or negates the entire notion of determinism, well-being and health of those others around you.
    Think of the most important person in your life, their suicide will inevitably have negative consequences upon you and others. To say that people have the right to suicide is almost synonymous with saying that people have the right to harm others via self-harm. Does it make sense to suggest that somebody has the right to induce depression (severe) into another person? I'm asking this, does it make sense to offer people the right to harm others?
    It's worth noting that I am talking of cases whereby people have the choice to commit suicide. A person with severe depression doesn't have a choice, they aren't completely responsible for their actions.

  • You are God's Vessel.

    The body you have is given by God. You are merely a vessel. An instrument to carry out God's plan. Sure you have a soul, but this body isn't yours. It was given to you, so you have no right to end it your way. Sure you can say that you own your life. But always remember; you weren't the one who brought yourself to this world. So you have no right to drift away from it. Ending it will only cause your family depression, and in some cases financial problems. I'm sorry to have not seen this sooner. There will always be another way to end your suffering. SUICIDE IS A PERMANENT ANSWER TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM... TO THOSE SAID YES TO THIS QUESTION... I hope you realize what you have just done. The person who asked this question is now dead, and he is all over the news! The link to this question is given by the news article.

  • Life is cheap.

    See a therapist instead.

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T09:37:54.540
I hate this post! Because of this my friend committed suicide. :"|
Anonymous says2013-05-10T12:58:46.297
I'm too late to vote No... RIP
Anonymous says2013-05-21T11:14:25.980
To those who are looking for answers from this link, please don't do it.
Anonymous says2013-06-23T15:48:32.210
Please be strong :/
StanSmith says2014-07-11T01:22:55.417
I think as a society we need to allow people to choose if they want to be here or not. If they want to stay great! If they don't let them off themselves and allow someone else who wants to be here to remain. I believe If we continue to medicate/house mentally ill people, we will all be miserable in the end. Good genetics is the key to survival of our species or any species. Helping someone suffer isn't really helping our society. These people aren't helping our society sustain its self. We need people with good genetics, people who are willing to work. We don't need people who mope around all day sucking taxpayer money, doing nothing in return. We have 7 billion people on this planet... Who cares if a few useless people go missing? We need more capitalists not mentally ill people. Merica'