Does something need to be done about the gun culture in the U.S.?

  • Yes, the culture needs to be altered in the U.S.

    While I don't believe it is necessary to eliminate the right of citizens to bear arms, I do think that gaining access to guns is far to easy. Also, I don't see the need for people to carry semi-automatic assault rifles, even the "sport" variety. The argument that these guns are necessary for hunting is ridiculous. The only purpose they serve is for hunting people. England has much more restrictive laws on their citizenry owning firearms, and they also have much lower rates of gun violence.

  • Yes action needs to be taken on the gun culture in the U.S

    I believe something needs to be done about the gun culture in the U.S because our society idolizes it too much. On T.V, in movies, on the Internet guns are idolized by our facvorite actors. This shows kids that guns are cool and something you should want. In reality guns are dangerous weapons that if placed in the wrong hands can cause massacres such as the theatre shoot out.

  • There needs to be a new look on gun culture.

    In our society, guns are made to look like a necessity or even a hobby. I agree with either of these outlooks on gun culture in the U.S. The amount of guns in a society should relate to how bad our justice system or how unsafe the environment is, and I don't believe we have this unsafe of an environment. The media as well as movies should somewhat move towards showing the hazards of gun culture as a hobby in the U.S.

  • No, I don't see a need for action

    There are some things about gun culture that annoy me, such as people having more concern for their hobby than human rights. However, the right to own firearms should be protected in society. Guns are weapons for violence, but as long as they exist, everybody should have access to them to prevent power from being consolidated in the hands of a few.

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