Does sportsmanship exist in modern professional sports?

  • Yes it still exists

    There is still a lot of sportsmanship in professional sports. After a tennis match they meet at the net to shake hands. In football you will see players shaking hands after the game or praying together. The same is true in hockey and sometimes in baseball. There is still a basic sportsmanship.

  • Sportsmanship is not endangered.

    I do think that sportsmanship does still exist in modern sports, though sometimes those professional players become a little too involved in the game for their own good. The most recent Super Bowl I saw some players on the losing team taking legitimate offensive moves way too personally and attempting to start fights. That's gotta stop. It's just a game, guys.

  • Yes it does.

    Sportsmanship still exists in our modern day sports that everyone knows and loves. People who misconduct themselves and act childish are usually considered to have a bad sportsmanship while those who are respectful to the other team and does not cause a ruckus is usually considered to have a better sportsmanship.

  • Sportsmanship exists in modern professional sports

    Sportsmanship exists in modern professional sports. This is because of the fact that although there is a large amount of unsportsmanlike and immoral conduct, there are still examples of sportsmanship and moral conduct in sports. MMA fighters can be seen touching gloves and telling each other that it was a good fight, for example.

  • No one gives a shit about sportsmanship

    Players do not care about sportsmanship. They are there to win, And not to lift the players of the opposition team up. As time moves on, We are evolving as a species. We are leaving the stupid instincts and behaviors of fair-play behind and opening a new era in the history of sports!

  • Hungry Australian cricketers

    The cricket players of aus are so jealous of winning that they even lie to win
    One such example was Ricky ponting... He used to say truth that the umpires started to believe him blindly. He used the trust to say that he isn't out in a caught behind .

  • I don’t believe that sportsmanship exists in modern sports.

    I don’t believe that sportsmanship exists in modern
    sports. That’s why I can’t compare LeBron
    James to Michael Jordan. The sports
    stars today aren’t anything like the sports stars of yesterday. Athletes of the past were true sportsmen and
    role models. They were worthy of their
    fame and they respected their professions.

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