Does Spotify offer a better variety of music than Pandora?

  • Yes, Spotify gives its users more choices than Pandora.

    Streaming music has become extremely popular, and Spotify and Pandora are two of the most popular streaming music services. When it comes to both the amount of songs and the degree of choice for each user, Spotify has the clear advantage. According to their official website, Spotify has over 20 million songs available, while Pandora claims about 900,000 songs in its system. Spotify also allows users to choose individual songs or albums to play while Pandora sticks with its relatively random radio format for all users.

  • Spotify gives a much more personalized music experience

    The greatest thing about Spotify is being able to create and share music playlists that you create. Being able to call up songs on-demand makes for a much better variety of music than you get with Pandora. Everybody's been stuck endlessly clicking 'next' in order to hear that one perfect song that you want to listen to on Pandora. With Spotify, it's easy to listen to exactly the music you want, when you want.

  • No, Spotify does not offer a better variety of music than Pandora

    Both Spotify and Pandora have the same weakness with regard to variety. In each case, the listener creates stations based on specific artists, but the resulting selection of songs is very narrow and repetitive--particularly when compared with the new iTunes radio, which does a much better job of assembling a selection of music likely to suit the listener's taste.

  • No, Pandora offers a wider range of musicians than Spotify

    Not only does Pandora boast twice as many listeners, it also plays far more musicians. Spotify only has access to Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. On the other hand, Pandora has a sampling of music from nearly every musician in existence. By sheer number of bands alone, Pandora offers a better selection of music.

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