Does Spring (yes) or T-Mobile (no) have a better deal on the iPhone 6?

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  • T-Mobile has a better deal.

    T-Mobile has a better deal. This is because this company has always been more competitive on the market than other providers. I think we will see in the coming weeks that T-Mobile's orders will be skyrocketing. Any time an Apple product is made cheaper with a package deal, it goes fast.

  • It doesn't matter who you choose.

    Neither company has a better deal on the iPhone 6. Both phones cost just about the same, and have the same features. When it comes to plans, both companies tend to have lousy network speeds and marginal coverage, even in the middle of the United States' largest cities. No matter who you go with, you're not getting what you paid for.

  • In the end they are all the same

    Sprint has announced it's " iphone for life " promo and T-Mobile has yet to announce., however in the end they all come down to the same. There will be perks and such but the bill itself varies by so little, consumers need to shop by cellular coverage. Many will fall for the gimmicks but again, in the end they all offer the same.

  • T-Mobile Has The Better Deal

    While competing with Verizon's offer of a free iPhone 6 is tough to deal with, T-Mobile is the better option. WIth wider coverage and better costs, the deal for the iPhone 6 user is much more appropriate. Plus, T-Mobile reputation for service added in as a factor is important as well.

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