• Yes, Sprint offers various plan options to fit the client's budget best.

    Sprint has varying plan options for the iPhone 6, all of which are cheaper than or equal to the cost of its competitors. The leasing plan is the cheapest having no down payment required as well as the cheapest montly cost. Therefore, the total cost will add up more slowly. The 2-year contract is about the same as the average cost of the competitors. Their plan that requires a down payment and a monthly cost is also cheaper than the plans offered by competitors. Overall, Sprint's plans offer the most affordable options for client's interested in the iPhone 6.

  • That's a matter of opinion

    After taking a look at Sprint's iPhone 6 deal, while it isn't a great one, Spring is not the top cell phone service out there. Sure, you are going to get the newest iPhone, but does Spring offer strong enough service to get the full capacity for the iPhone? It's all a matter of opinion.

  • Sprint has the best deal

    Sprint has the best deal among the carriers for the iPhone 6. I was surprised when I heard of the deal they had going, and read it only a few days after the iPhone 6 release was spoken of. There is a lot to love about a phone company that gives you a great deal on a newly released model.

  • No, Sprint does not have the best deal for iPhone 6.

    Other cell phone companies such as Verizon, U.S. Cellular, and AT&T have similar deals on the iPhone 6 as well as other phones. Sprint only gives a large discount to new customers or those eligible for an upgrade. Without the upgrade, one pays full price for the phone but can opt to make monthly payments for two years. In the end, a consumer pays almost the same price for an iPhone 6 regardless of the company they purchase the phone from.

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