• This is a matter of the definition of "Learn"

    Well, they are certainly going to learn something, so it can be said that it helps them learn. In addition, they certainly learn more about concepts regarding the construction of science fiction media, as well as cinema in general. So, unless the submitter meant things directly pertaining to common education, I would have to agree (though even then, it would still teach the basics- like math: "If Darth Vader had one Death Star and it got blown up, how many does he have now?"

  • It can a little I suppose.

    It can teach children that you should be around people who can support you and help you (Luke being with Yoda, R2D2 being with C3PO, ect.) it also teaches children that what is truly right they know deep down and they should do what is right (as Darth Vader knew as he sacrificed himself to save Luke), it also teaches them that life can be hard but if they really try they can get through it and succeed. So it can help them with life in general but not really in school (since school doesn't seem to teach people what they really need to know).

  • It is just a fictional film?

    How can a child learn anything from a fictional movie, its not like a documentary or something, I feel that children are just shoved in front of a TV instead of learning something that could seriously benefit them, it is sickening that someone can think a movie like that can educate them! Ever hear of a book?! Thanks.

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